20 years Eurobike – 20 years cycling fun in Europe!


Unbelievable how time flies by: It started with the 10 lakes loop tour, back then 20 years ago. Strictly speaking already one, two years earlier when the first ideas struck root in the heads of Walter Schmid and Herbert Würtinger. 

At the beginning there were considerations, discussions and negotiations; in December 1991 finally the division “Radwandern” within the Würtinger & Partner closed corporation was founded. The very first Eurobike catalogue was designed in 1992, with the highlight “10 lakes tour” as first Original Eurobike tour in it. The first bike offers have been Munich – Meran, Innsbruck – Lake Garda, Tuscany, Tauern bike path and Mur bike path. Thanks heaven that we did not have to wait too long for encouraging feelings of success: In the first bike season 576 guests booked! In 1993 the foundation of an own company was concluded – company name “Eurofun Touristik” with product name “Eurobike” for the division “bike tourism”. 

Tours, tours, tours

We worked intensively on new tours, routes and destinations the next years. The overview is very impressive:
1994 Mallorca
1995 Etschradweg, Chiemgau
1996 Bozen – Venedig, Umbrien
1998 Florenz – Rom
1999 Istrien, Verona – Rimini
2000 Brixen – Villach, 
2001 Romantische Strasse
2002 Emilia Romagna
2003 Gardasee – Mailand
2004 Sardinien, Andalusien
2005 5 Radtouren in der Pfalz, Wein & Wellness in der Steiermark
2006 Bulgarien, Münchner Seenrunde
2007 Benedikt-Radweg, Venedig – Florenz, Zillertal
2008 München - Salzburg
2009 Starnberger Seen Sternfahrt
2010 verschiedene Sternfahrten
2011 Graz - Maribor
2012 Donau, Weinviertel-Rundfahrt, München – Bodensee


Employees & teamwork

From the very beginning employees have worked at Eurobike with full assignment. Anita Renzl and Claudia Wallner were the first employees in the office; first office manager was Josef Orthofer. As well from the beginning part of the team was our IT expert Peter Troup and one of the first tour guides Toni Schwarzmaier.

Speaking of teamwork: At Eurobike the teamwork between office and tour guides matches. Best examples: Claudia Wallner, the first employee in the office and Norbert Wallner, long-serving tour guide on many bike tours. They converged on the tour from Florence to Rome already many years ago. Moritz and Vincent, their two sons are cycling today of course too. Alike Loris and Flavio, the sons of Silvia Massimiani and Simon Mayr, two other Eurobike tour guides.

Development & rebuilding

After the start of the Eurofun Touristik in Franking-Holzöster (Upper Austria) the search for a new office was intensive. It was discovered in Obertrum am See in the Mühlstraße 20: A former farm house with enough space for the team and many bikes. This house was bought in 2002 and rebuilt generously. After the removal in 2003 the older part of the house was renovated too.

Actually the next step is reached: In spring 2011 diggers and construction machines built a completely new and spacious outbuilding next to the main house. More office space, many garages and even more loading space – for bikes, equipment and many, many catalogues. Start up in the beginning of 2012.

We are looking forward to more interesting, great, intense 20 years – together with our guests and lots of bike fun!

Your team of Eurobike