Cycle tours in Switzerland


Do you want to go cycling? Switzerland is famous right across Europe for its amazing mountains and incomparable landscape. But it is also well-known for its touristic network and especially for its new nationwide bike paths. So, do you want to go?  

Top Bike Tours in Switzerland

A Swiss mixture – the Aare, three lakes and Jura, Switzerland the classic bike country: The Aare-route starts in Gletsch, high up in the mountains. You can avoid this by starting in Meiringen and then there are no significant hills worth mentioning. Get to know the charm of the province, the peasantry and the unaltered nature on your way to Bern.

The Rhone-Route, which stretches from Aigle to Genf, unites three very different types of scenery. At first there is alpine scenery, then the vast Rhone valley in Wallis and then lastly the wide very light Lake Geneva where there are vineyards on one side and your route on the other.  

The Nord-Süd-Route (the north-south-route) runs from Airolo in Ticino. It is a historical alpine crossing that goes over the Gotthardpass with impressive views over Switzerland’s varied and picturesque landscape: the Jura, the hilly Mittelland region, the fantastic Lake Lucerne, the Schöllenenschlucht (a gorge), the pass crossing and then the downhill ride towards the south into the milder climate in Tessin.

Cycling in Switzerland includes Cooling Down in the Lakes

The lakes route definitely has the right to that name because altogether there are 16 lakes on route between Vevey on Lake Geneva and Lake Constance. Between the lakes there are both small and large hills to conquer on this demanding bike tour.

Lakes, rivers, vast plains, quiet valleys, towns and villages, industry and agriculture, nature and technology, Lake Biel, the Grand Marais, the Swiss camargue and the granary Waadtland, German and the French-speaking part of Switzerland: these are some of the splashes of colour along the hilly Mittelland route through Switzerland from Lake Geneva to Lake Constance.

What is the best way to plan my bike tour in Switzerland?

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