Escape the daily rut, hop on your bike and bring on pure relaxation time! According to this motto you can look forward to an active holiday bliss which will bring the most stunning holiday locations in Portugal closer from a totally novel perspective. So plan your cycling holidays in Portugal with Eurobike this very day!

Escape everyday life by bike with Eurobike 

On your bike saddle, get set – go! We invite right you here to let us take you to the most stunning places in Portugal. Enjoy sunny views onto our self-guided tours, which take you into a different holiday environment each day. Our high-quality bikes create an easygoing base for you which will allow you to tackle any stage in a relaxed manner. Diligently serviced models, a comfortable saddle, extensive equipment as well as a repair service for emergencies set optimal conditions for the most amazing days of the year. And with a Eurobike electro bike you even tackle ascents without any problems. Now all you need to do is decide where in Portugal you would like to go on your cycling tour... 

An overview of the most beautiful cycling tours in Portugal

We introduce our most beautiful cycling tours which lay on novel impressions each day. With Portugal you opt for a holiday destination blessed with sun whereby Madeira located in the Altantic Ocean offers with its mild climate all year round ideal conditions for cycling. Our lovingly arranged cycling tours cater for variety and one or another challenge, since next to mainly flat terrains you might also ascend a little higher at times.


Yes, the flower island Madeira located in the Atlantic Ocean is not only a hiker’s paradise but also a paradise for cycling enthusiasts! Look forward to a cycling tour on Madeira equipped with carefully elaborated routes which will take you along impressive panoramic roads nearly around the entire island whilst you enjoy fabulous views. Marvel at the colourful flora and fauna on different altitudes and let your gaze rove from your bike over the vastness of the surrounding Atlantic Ocean. During this cycling holiday on Madeira you will get to know the culture and history of this Portugese island better and better from a different angle every day.


If you prefer cycling on the mainland but do not want to miss out on the sea, the Algarve with more than 3000 hours of sun is the perfect destination for you. Between fabulous beaches and varied daily tours in this most southern region of Europe you get to enjoy a very relaxing mix. There are stages along the lovely coastal cycling path 'Escovia Litoral' and in the heartland many more atmospheric highlights await: look forward to quaint villages, bustling coastal towns, nature parks and divine beaches if you feel like treating yourself to a refreshment during or after a tour. With Eurobike you have a choice between a self-guided tour along the Algarve or a guided group tour along the Algarve.

Guided group tour to the heart of Portugal or Lisbon and Alentejo

Experience the heart of Portugal more specifically the ‚green heart around Coimbra’ with one of Eurobike’s self-guided cycling tours. Our selected daily tours lead you through rolling hills and the stretch of land between the Serra de Estrela and the Costa Prata. En route you get to enjoy countless varied views onto these highlights where next to pine trees you also come across holly oak and cork oak trees, typical of the region, and eucalyptus trees. The many preserved manor houses (Quintas) let Portugal’s eventful history come to life. Another highlight on this cycling holiday in Portugal are the tours along the coast, where you can see the waves of the feisty Altantic pile up metres high. You get to take breaks and recuperate in little fishing villages. In places like this or when riding your bike you will completely forget about everyday life. Trace the steps of well-known seafarers and explore Lisbon & Alentejo as part of a guided group tour. This cycling tour is ideal for all who strive to combine being active with cultural sightseeing and at the same time want to get to know  the endearing capital Lisbon better.

Perfectly organised holiday pleasure on two wheels

Seize our longstanding experience with developing and conducting professional cycling holidays in Portugal. In our optinion the key to relaxation is optimal route combination, which leads you along lovely paths past many highlights. In case this is the first time you plan a cycling holiday in Portugal we are of course always happy to personally advise you thoroughly. With Eurobike you do not have to worry about anything, since we offer satisfying cycling bliss: your tour documents contain detailed information regarding the itineraries and each individual daily tour. All routes are well marked and signposted with our own signs. You cycle free from any extra ballast without any luggage, which we take from one accommodation to the next every day. We individually select overnight stays, so you have the chance to end each daily cycling tour relaxed in your Day Finish.

Have we whet your appetite to make your next holiday a cycling holiday in Portugal? Either book your cycling tour just with a few clicks online or let us advise you in person. Simply use our contact form for that and we are more than happy to assist you with planning your holiday!

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