4 reasons to take a cycle tour in Spain

Summer, sun and sea - What more could the heart desire?

Hop onto the saddle and push those pedals! Let’s cycle through the vineyards, olive groves and orange trees. Along picturesque coastlines through historic cities – and always ahead of you: the glittering surface of the mirror-smooth sea. Spain with its many facets can be wonderfully explored on two wheels. The “Vias Verdes” are very attractive to all cyclists, and almost all of Spain can be discovered. The green paths usually run on former railway lines and are therefore safe to cycle away from the hustle and bustle. Not to forget the other cycle tours in the Canary and Balearic Islands.

You see, Spain is a mecca for cyclists. Which hotspots you need to hit, you will find out now!


Two cyclists in wild landscape

Ride on the “Via Verde”

Few slopes, a place to stop every few kilometres and the constant lure of the sea. Where once steam locomotives used to run, today are the green cycle paths of Spain. A landscape without people, stones on rust-red earth and places where you can only feel good. The “Vias Verdes” give cyclists that western feeling. These routes are comprised of a network of more than 100 decommissioned railway lines that have been found throughout Spain since 19993. Cyclists recognise them by the marking: a symbol with an oak leaf and stylised railway sleepers.

Take a trip on two wheels on the former railway tracks!

Eurobike bike in front of the church in Son Negre

Majorca: The island with charm

Do you associate Majorca with the noisy nightlife of the tourist hotspots? Then you don’t know the interior of the country. In the hills the wheels of windmills turn, from the trees you hear the sound of the cicadas and one picturesque bay follows the last. The beaches invite you to take a dip in the crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea. Whether a double centre-based tour or Majorca loop tour – the Eurobike team has a colourful potpourri of bike tours in store for you.

Take a look at our selection of cycle tours in Majorca.

View to the Alhambra in Granada

Andalusia: On the silver route through Spain

From sun-drenched Andalusia to the vast expanses of the Iberian plateau in Extremadura. Then on to Castile and Northern Spain, always on the historic Roman road “Via de la Plata”. The landscape is almost clichéd in the Andalusian part of Spain. The natural scenery looks like a postcard. You and your bike can discover the magical melting pot of cultures. What must you absolutely see on this cycle tour through Andalusia? One of the glittering and colourful festivals! Sometimes it’s all about Pablo Picasso, sometimes culinary delights such as the delicious air-dried ‘Jamón’.

Experience the versatility of Andalusia on a cycling trip.

Are you keen to visit Viva España on your next cycling holiday? Perfect! Then the Eurobike team has exactly the right cycle tours in Spain for you.

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