A critical moment

I usually write about the beauty of Spain, the unique cuisine of Italy or the best cycle trails in Germany.  But Corona has a firm grip on the travel industry, and our lives. You browse the news daily, you can’t help it. It is the same for me. But on Saturday a headline on the largest Austrian news bulletin (ORF) really caught my eye and made my blood pressure sky rocket: ‘How travel customers can get their money back’. Why did this annoy me so much? A comment.

We need to stick together

It is no coincidence that every company in the travel sector currently wants to convince guests to rebook. In this difficult situation, it is important for all companies in the travel industry to maintain urgently needed liquidity. That is why there is a large solidarity campaign by the industry that appeals to all guests to rebook their trip. We at Eurofun Touristik are feeling positive that our tours will take place again in summer. Of course, we also have the option to rebook your tour without any worries. But it’s not just about us. It’s also about our local hotel partners, local service providers, travel partners worldwide, the entire travel industry and also you, our guests. Given the current situation, you can understand why I am hit by the headline in the introduction!

It’s about you too

No matter where or with which tour operator you have booked a tour: rebooking helps everyone. This is the only way you keep the travel industry alive. Rebooking is always without risk for you as a traveller: the ‘security certificate’ means your travel price is always insured and customer payments made are covered.

What can you do?

Don’t get me wrong: you can of course do whatever you want with your travel booking. For us as tour operators there is no doubt about that. It is only important to us that you receive all the information and can make the right decision for you. We will gladly support you! But how can you help us:

  • Of course, postponing your tour will help us. Even a move to next year. You will find all the information here.
  • Gift coupons are also a good option, you can take your trip at a later date.
  • Your positive thoughts: Tell us how you feel. How do you perceive the situation? What would you like? You cannot imagine how our team love positive feedback. This gives us strength to continue #withheartandsoul. We are happy to receive your contribution and publish it on our blog.

Together we can definitely fight the Corona crisis. There will definitely be time to travel afterwards, and you can start your tour as normal. But cohesion in all areas is necessary. Because: it is a critical moment!

Stay healthy #withheartandsoul, Michael from Eurofun Touristik.


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Michael Kröll
Your thoughts on my comment? I look forward to hearing from you!
Michael Kröll, Manager Euroaktiv
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