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Holiday Planner for the little Active Break here and there

How to use the 2023 public holidays properly and enjoy longer cycling leisure time

A little time out in the middle of nature
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We are certain: 2023 is guaranteed to be a great year for travel! It is best to plan your vacation days and short breaks now so that you can still secure your desired holiday times and favorite dates. 2023, with its public holidays and long weekends, will again offer many additional opportunities to escape from everyday life and recharge your batteries in addition to the summer holidays. In the Cycling Blog we tell you which cycling tours we recommend for your little break in between and how you can enjoy as much free time as possible with just a few days of vacation.

Have a great cycling holiday in 2023!

A little time out in the middle of nature

Tips for even more holiday anticipation

January is peak travel time – at least when it comes to travelling in your mind and thinking about your next holiday. Since this is the time when most holiday plans are made for the new year. We recommend that you plan as many small breaks from everyday life as possible in addition to the main holiday in order to fill up on an extra portion of relaxation, adventure and the joy of discovery.

The 2023 calendar again offers many opportunities to take a short cycling break around the public holidays.

Radreisekalender 2023

Our most beautiful short cycle holidays

Have you planned your break around the holidays? Then all you have to do now is find the right bike tour! Here we present our most beautiful short holidays, since we also offer some of our classic Eurobike cycle holidays as an attractive short version. Since you usually do not travel far away for a little break, but instead prefer to stay at home, you will find our short cycle tours happening mainly in Germany and Austria. How about, for instance, a 5-day tour to the lakes of the Salzkammergut – the ideal short break for a long summer weekend, i.e. over Corpus Christi. Or treat yourself to a 4-day bliss-break in the Palatinate – a true paradise of colours, especially in autumn for the grape harvest!  

A little time out in the middle of nature
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Wir helfen Ihnen gern bei der optimalen Planung Ihrer Radreise, egal ob Kurztour oder lange Variante. Auf einen schönen Radurlaub 2023!

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