Happy to see each other again

Christine tells us about her return to the Eurobike office

Our everyday life has changed over the past weeks. On a Friday in mid-March, we were all in the office as usual, processing bookings and taking customer enquiries. The start of the season was imminent, and we were convinced that we had another great year ahead of us.

By the following Monday it was suddenly ‘lock down’ ‘quarantine’ and ‘social distancing’ – it was only possible to leave the house for important purchases, to support people at risk or to go to work. Hygiene rules became more important than ever and keeping your distance could suddenly save lives.

We also had to comply with the new rules in order to protect the health of others, and the Eurobike office in Obertrum was closed for several weeks. From then on, not only myself, but the entire team worked from home – a great challenge for us all.

My time in my home office

During this time, I set up my ‘new office’ in my living room. Having an office area where you should normally relax was initially very unusual for me. Working within your own four walls also made it difficult to really clear your head afterwards. Due to the many events and constantly changing regulations, it was also a great challenge to always keep on top of everything. After all, you were more or less on your own – because colleagues who could normally be asked for advice were suddenly a few kilometres away. As you can see, customer service in Corona times brought some difficulties. But it was good that there were daily conference calls with the entire team. So we always stayed up to date and were able to clear up any questions.

The good news: After numerous virtual meetings, dozens of telephone conferences and weeks working from home, the good news finally came: from the beginning of May we could move into our office – woohoo! :)

Finally back in the office

In the previously hopeless situation, this message was like a light at the end of the tunnel for me. The anticipation of seeing my colleagues again after seven weeks was of course huge! With a big grin on my face I finally made my way to Obertrum. In my backpack, of course, all the equipment I needed to work from home. Because that had to be rebuilt first so everything would work again in my regular workplace.

The lunch breaks in the first week seemed almost too short, because we hadn’t seen each other for half an eternity and had a lot to catch up on.

How had my colleagues perceived the past weeks? How did they pass the time and above all: were they all healthy?

The new everyday life in the Eurobike office

As great as the joy was, we couldn’t hug each other. Despite the office opening, the virus is still present so we have to comply with some measures and regulations.

There is basically no obligation to wear a mask, but masks are available to those to feel more comfortable with one. We can be reached by our guests as usual, but like in our home office, we work in two teams.


This helps us to follow the social distancing regulations. However, the workplace is generous anyway, so we can easily keep the minimum distance.

We divide the lunch breaks up ourselves, because here too “keeping a distance can save lives”. We must not exceed the maximum number of people in a room. According to the regulations, meetings are limited.

My summary

As you can see, we are still far from normal everyday life. The rules and measures must still be followed.

Right now it’s important to stick together and stay optimistic. And so we are happy about the good news, namely that we can welcome German guests on our active tours to Germany from June 1, 2020. The late 2020 season can begin – we are ready and looking forward to seeing you!

Robi on the bike
Christine Pölzleitner
See you soon, Christine

Christine Pölzleitner, Travel specialist
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