Take a dip!

Our top summer cycle tours by the water

Summer sunshine! Of course, we love the warm summer temperatures. After a long day on the saddle however, every active traveler is also looking forward to taking a cool dip in the water. Whether that’s in the lake, the river or the sea, in today’s blog post we would like to introduce you to the summer cycle tours where you can ‘dive’ right in!

Cool down in Austria

One diverse lake landscape to go, please!

From bath warm to refreshing, Austria’s lakes have a lot to offer. Nestled in the most beautiful natural scenery with lush green trees on the shore, the sparkling blue bathing lakes of Austria are truly beautiful. So, here in Austria, we don’t miss the sea in summer.

On our tours ‘Ten Lakes Tour’ and ‘Carinthian Lakes’ cycling fans get an insight into the variety of lakes Austria has to offer. 

By the way: Did you know that most lakes in Austria are so clean that you can drink from them?

Ten Lakes Tour

185 lakes in the state of Salzburg are waiting to be discovered – some smaller, some bigger, some cooler, some warmer. But they all have one thing in common: they are situated in the beautiful alpine foothills of Salzburg. They transform into a summer paradise for the bathers and water babies among our cycling holidaymakers.

On the Ten Lakes Tour you discover ten picturesque, beautiful blue lakes in the Salzburgerland and in the adjacent Salzkammergut. Even the beloved Austrian Empress Sisi resided here. Nature lovers and culture fans will also get their money’s worth. Incidentally, this tour is also available as a shorter, sportier version (7days).


Carinthian Lakes

Warm water, a mild climate and a southern lightness to the inhabitants: Carinthia is always worth a visit! Located on the southern side of the Alps, Austria’s warmest state is home to many lakes. In early summer, the drinking water quality lakes are attractive with their Caribbean-looking sandbanks.

The Carinthian Lakes Tour impresses with expansive panoramas of the rugged mountain ranges of the Kalkalpen. The tour also offers numerous cultural highlights: Hochosterwitz Castle, cultural cities such as Villach and Klagenfurt and, of course, wonderful swimming spots – they know how to live in Carinthia!

Germany’s cool water

Escape the heat in Germany on these cycle tours

Germany’s diverse lakes stretch across the country and is an Eldorado for cyclists who like to take a dip in between stages. Even here, bathers can look forward to excellent water quality in the local lakes. But the best known, and perhaps the most beautiful lakes are hiding in Bavaria. You will not be disappointed on the Munich Lake Tour.

Go west

France and Portugal are good options to cool down

Do you prefer cooler water temperatures? Then let’s head west. Because when jumping into the Atlantic, you’ll definitely feel refreshed. Whether in South Brittany in the mystical Gulf of Morbihan or in Portugal’s west, from Porto to Lisbon, beaches are in no way in short supply here!

Mystische Schlösser, Küstenstädte, weiße Sandstrände, türkisblaues Meer und diverse Köstlichkeiten aus dem Meer: die beiden Touren haben einige Gemeinsamkeiten und warten nur darauf, von Aktivurlaubern, Feinschmeckern und Kulturinteressierten entdeckt zu werden.

Want to cool down, but not in the water? Would you rather head north? Read about in which cycle tours in northern Europe you can escape the heat on our blog.

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