Emerging trends for 2019

The destinations that should be on your list!

We are often asked which tours will be popular in 2019. And as our customers have already made so many bookings for the coming cycling year, the first trends are already becoming clear. In this blog post we give you the cycle tours that are already gaining popularity this year.


As with last year, ‘relaxed’ cycle tours are in demand, those that leave plenty time for enjoyment, recreation and culture along the way. Enjoyment? Recreation? Nature? Whose first choice isn’t Italy? Just like the cycle tour from Bolzano to Venice, the connecting tour from Venice to Florence offers all that a cyclists heart desires – varied cycle routes, vineyards, olive groves, beautiful sandy beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Become enchanted and experience an unforgettable leisurely cycling holiday in Bella Italia.

Bolzano – Venice

The cycle tour from Bolzano to Venice impresses with its imposing mountain panoramas, vineyards and charming towns, while being accompanied by the gentle lapping of the Adige. One of the highlights of the trip? A boat trip on the sparkling blue Lake Garda.

P.S. Our Thomas has explored this classic on the bike. In his travelogue you can read about his experiences of the tour.

Venice – Florence

From the lively Grand Canal of the lagoon city of Venice to Florence in the picturesque Tuscany. Instead of the Adige, this cycle tour is accompanied by the incomparable ‘Cucina Italiana’ and countless cultural highlights from St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge in Venice to the Ponte Vecchio and Michelangelo’s ‘David’.

P.S. Our Semiramis has explored this cycle tour on the bike. In her travelogue you can read about her experiences of the tour.


In the home of Eurobike there are countless beautiful places to explore. One of the most beautiful regions in Austria, the world-famous Salzkammergut, can be discovered on the Salzkammergut Tour, for example. Picture-postcard landscapes, mountain panoramas wherever you look and many lakes are waiting. Of course, where the mountains are most beautiful, there are also hills to cycle! A more leisurely, but equally popular, cycle tour stretches along the Danube from Passau to Vienna. A cycle holiday across the country is a great way to explore Austria’s rich diversity.


Even renowned Austrian’s such as Gustav Klimt, Emperor Franz Josef and his Sisi appreciated the Salzkammergut with its innumerable cultural, landscape and culinary highlights. Seven lakes offer picturesque views during the Salzkammergut tour and are also wonderful for relaxing in the cool water after a day on the bike.

Joscha from Eurobike hopped on the bike and explored the Salzkammergut on the "Ten Lakes Tour" too. His conclusion: "To summarize, I can easily say that I met one of the most beautiful regions in Europe on my bike."

Finde his entire travelogue here!

Danube Cycle Path

Culinary delights, culture and always close to nature. Over about 340 kilometres, cycling fans can experience pure fun on a route that is ideal for beginners and pleasure seekers. There’s a reason why the Danube Cycle Path is one of the most popular cycle routes in Europe.

Tip: Due to its versatility, the Danube Cycle Path at Eurobike is available in a variety of versions. From the sporty version for ambitious cyclists, to the Comfortable Danube Cycle Path tour for those who like to take time to enjoy life. We also have the tour with extra charm where the accommodation has been selected with a particular attention to every detail.

Spain / Portugal

The Mediterranean scent in the air, the taste of crispy fried fish and tapas, the sea breeze on the skin and the dreamlike view over the landscape. One thing is clear, cycling tours in the south of Europe, such as Spain or Portugal, won’t easily be forgotten. Another advantage of these Mediterranean tours is that the cycling season starts very early due to the mild climate and even in late autumn you can still find pleasant cycling temperatures.


On a cycle tour in Andalusia, the southernmost region of Spain, there are fiestas, tapas, flamenco, montañas and much more. From Seville to Córdoba to Malaga, ambitious cyclists will discover a paradise full of surprises. For example, between the shady olive trees or in the winding streets of the Moorish city of Carmora! Bienvenido a España!

Porto – Lisbon

Brand new to the programme, the cycle tour from Porto to Lisbon is already going down well. There are many cultural sights and monuments waiting to be discovered. Cycling on flat coastal paths with the sea always with in reach you take a beautiful and varied tour between dream-like coastal cities.

These trends for the year 2019 were also some of the most popular tours last year. The top tours of last year can be seen in the Trend Radar 2018.

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