Cycling equipment for tours in midsummer

All you need for cycling in heat

36 degrees – and it could be hotter…cycling in such temperatures is not easy. In addition to the selection of not too strenuous tours and many shadowy paths, it’s also important to have the right equipment with you. This allows the sweat to flow unhindered, and you won’t fall off your bike because of the heat.

Find out what bits and pieces you cannot forget during a cycle tour in midsummer now!

Saddle bags in baskets big enough for provisions

Cycling in summer is enough to get you sweaty without having to deal with extra luggage like a backpack! That’s why you should resort to practical saddle bags or baskets. The storage compartments are easy to attach to the bike, while providing ample space for provisions and drinks.

Tip: In summer, a bottle of water on the bike is not enough. Mount a second bottle holder, which you can fill up with electrolytes if necessary. So you’ll always have the choice between water and a small energy boost!

Protection against UV rays

The sun can mercilessly shine from the sky during the summer months, showing off her full power. In addition to taking many breaks during the cycle tour, you should pay attention to what you wear under your helmet. UV rays can penetrate through the ventilation holes of the helmet, and you’ll get sunstroke faster than you can imagine.

In addition, high quality sunglasses with UV protection are an absolute must. They not only protect against insects and wind, but also shield the eyes from UV rays. Another absolute must-have is sunscreen. Under no circumstances should you hop onto the bike without using cream. It’s best to reapply sunscreen several times a day.

Choose the right clothing

Cycling clothes should always be chosen according to the temperature. On particularly hot days, a short-sleeved jersey made of absorbent material is best for evaporating sweat. If the shirt has additional zippers on the sides, the upper body can benefit from the wind when you’re seating.

Another important tip is to wear light clothing rather than dark. Brighter colours reflect the light better, whereas dark clothes only heat you up more. Socks should also be considered: choose socks with mesh material. So feet are better ventilated and comfort is increased.

Eurobike helmet on a wooden fence

Bike helmet with ventilation

We already mentioned our tip to protect against UV rays when wearing a helmet. A bike helmet is not only compulsory, it protects you when you fall and…it can be cool! Sorry, what? Yes you read that right? The ventilation holes create a sophisticated cooling system which pulls wind through to your head. So no heat accumulates under the helmet, and every cyclist keeps a cool head in the truest sense of the word!

Tip: You’ve found the right helmet, now you just need to wear it correctly!

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Will you follow these tips on your next summer cycle tour? Perfect! If you still don’t know where to go – click through the various Eurobike tours!