Presenting: Bella Italia as a cycling destination

la dolce vita at the highest level

The wonderful life under the southern sun, cultural highlights, pizza, pasta and co – all this awaits you when cycling in Italy. Dreamy landscapes, Italian wine and unspoiled landscapes as far as the eye can see.

As you can see, this southern country is perfect for your next holiday on two wheels. No matter if you are a pleasure seeker, an athlete or a leisure cyclist: Italy has the right holiday destination for every type of cyclist. Which cycle paths and tours should definitely be on your holiday list? Find out now!

View over an Italian village

Truffles, wine and chocolate: Piedmont for pleasure seekers

Foodies take note! Piedmont attracts culinary gourmets from all over the world, including those on two wheels. What to expect? The finest truffles, fantastically located vineyards and historic towns.

You love leisurely bike rides, where time to enjoy yourself is not forgotten? Jackpot! The Eurobike team has the perfect tip for you: cycling in Piedmont. The starting point of your voyage of discovery on the ‘Gourmet Piedmont’ cycle tour is Turin. From here, you will cycle through picturesque landscapes, rolling hills and beautiful villages. In addition, vineyards and breathtaking views adorn the cycle paths. The absolute highlight of the trip: Alba! This pretty little town is not only picture perfect, but also the home of the white truffle.

So much is clear: those looking for real Italian flair, coupled with pure enjoyment will find something in Piedmont. Read all the details about the tour ‘Gourmet Piedmont’ now!

On the saddle through Tuscany

When one hears the word ‘Tuscany’, certain things spring to mind immediately. Gentle hills, metre-high cypress trees, the chirping of crickets in the pine forests and fragrant olive groves wherever you look. Tuscany – a true epitome of picturesque landscapes. Immerse yourself in the world between Leonardo da Vinci and Puccini. With every pedal, the Italian way of life gets a bit closer. This dreamy landscape offers you cosy places to take a break. Or visit the enchanting cities of Pisa, Siena and Florence.


Eurobike tip: Treat yourself to a well–earned break! Just stroll through the narrow streets of the old cities and enjoy a strong espresso in the middle of the most beautiful architecture. Gourmets will be at home in Tuscany. If you are looking for a fine wine after cycling, make sure to stop at the wine village of Castellina near Greve. You won’t be disappointed!

Need to know more? Here you can find all the details about our cycling tours in Tuscany.

Next stop: Apulia

Street in Lecce

Trulli houses, turquoise sea and Oleander bushes on every corner. Where are we talking about? Apulia of course! The heel of the Italian boot offers you an unforgettable holiday of a different kind. In the dreamlike landscapes you will discover thousand-year-old olive grove and coasts that will make your eyes gleam – and all on two wheels. If you love the sea, the wine and above all the Italian cuisine, you will feel right at home in Apulia .

Eurobike tip: The new cycle tour ‘Apulia centre-based tour’ is ideal for leisure cyclists, so relaxation is still given priority, despite the ‘sport’ on the bike. From Alberobello, you’ll cycle over beautiful cities over eight days. A special highlight of the tour is the last destination: Matera, the Capital of Culture 2019 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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