2018’s Cycling Trends


Maybe you have just got in from the cold and are making yourself a warm mug of tea, but one thing is for sure: the cycling season is closer than you realise! With March’s first sun rays the first cyclists get on their bikes and head into the greenery and by May you can’t stop the true cyclists from exploring.

It may just be the start of 2018 but Eurobike’s experts can already give you a prediction as to this year’s trends. Look forward to the upcoming months with us!

Trend 1: Electric Bike

Electric bikes will get even more popular throughout 2018. It’s no wonder really seeing that these bikes with that “extra power” turn a difficult ascent into a manageable hill. That is also one of the reasons why Eurobike customers are picking electric bikes more and more often. Thanks to the motor you can comfortably manage to cycle further than with a “normal” bike and they allow you to simply enjoy your dream bike holiday. Furthermore the European cycle path network is continuously being optimised for electric bikes! Hosts are adapting to the needs of those riding electric bikes and charging stations are popping up along bike routes.

Suggestion: Eurobike’s E-bikes are Pedelecs and are built around KTM frames. Take a look at our unisex electric bikes!

Trend 2: France

Those who like their bike holidays to be varied will certainly enjoy cycling in France. Innumerable numbers of bike paths lead you from one special place to another through unique winegrowing areas, coastal villages, lavender fields and a whole lot of culture. Depending on the region you can of course also enjoy the mild climate.

We have got two new cycle tours in France for 2018. Our cycle tour experts have discovered wonderful new routes in Brittany and Burgundy.

Trend 3: Bike & Boat

Bike & boat holidays offer a whole lot of diversity too! Rivers exert some kind of fascination onto us - why not switch a hotel room with a pretty cabin? On a boat holiday you stop off at various large and small ports within the region. Each day you get the opportunity to go out and explore the culture and nature. By bike, of course! Bikes can be transported on board nice and easily.

There are many charming destinations for bike & boat holidays in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and in France!

Trend 4: Italy

Loyal Eurobike customers will of course know that we have been offering cycle tours in Italy for a long time now! But Eurobike has created yet more tours in Italy, one of the most popular regions for bike tours for 2018. Italy sometimes seems like it was designed for cycling - whether for its mild climate, its well-built bike routes or for its unique nature. Where else does alpine flair and a mediterranean way of life meet? Those who haven’t tested out cycling in Italy should definitely put it on their wish list for 2018! Brand new in our tour selection is the Umbria tour based in one hotel and the cycle tour from Turin to San Remo. 

Has one of the trends taken your fancy? The Eurobike team will gladly advise you about our tours and find the right one for you! Just contact us!