Cycling trends to expect in 2020

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When the year draws to a close, we start looking towards the coming year. And what will 2020 bring apart from challenges, resolutions, holidays and 12 brand new months? You know it! Lots of cycling trends!

The e-bike: a favourite year on year

The bike trends of tomorrow will make every cycling heart race. From folding bikes to mountain bikes, there will be a number of innovations in 2020. However, one common denominator has already been found by the Eurobike editorial team: electric. Why and how to we know this? Quite simply: at the leading bike fair in Berlin, bicycle manufacturers and dealers were already peering into the future. And the future is all about the e-bike.

In the future, every model with have a bit of electric technology

Whether city bikes, mountain bikes or practical folding bikes for commuters, electronics play a major role in the 2020 trends. And those bikes that don’t use an electric motor still stand out with new details such as a front luggage rack. In addition, hydraulic disc brakes and BMX-like wide handlebars ensure good control.

Clever details, such as a smartphone holder and sensors at the front wheel, are also indispensable. Using the appropriate app, the pace, distance travelled, or calorie consumption can be recorded.

The main focus of e-bikes is flexibility. Thanks to their unusual construction, huge bikes with wide tires can be folded in the middle. This means they fit effortlessly in the car book or can be transported by bus or train.

And so that the hard-working e-bike peddlers can cover numerous kilometres, the energy storage includes additional watt hours on the battery.

New routes for 2020

When cold temperatures have us in its grip, we usually yearn for summer, sun and a pleasant 26 degrees. It’s a good thing that the Eurobike team has brand new tours for 2020.

Usedom tour based in two hotels

The holiday island of Usefom on the Baltic Sea is such a magical place it should definitely be on your holiday agenda. With Eurobike you can experience a tour based in two hotels in 2020. You cover around 225 kilometres on two wheels across the island. Rugged beaches, deserted forests, salt marshes, green fields and boggy lowlands included! Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the Frisians and take a deep breath of the salty Baltic Sea air.

>> Let yourself be enchanted by Usedom and take a cycle tour on the Baltic Sea!

Klagenfurt - Zagreb

Croatia is one of the favourite holiday destinations of Austrians in summer. Whether by car, plane or bus, holidaymakers flock to the country on the beautiful Adriatic Sea. How about a cycle tour from Klagenfurt to Zagreb? The luggage travels ahead and will already be waiting for you at the next hotel. Over eight days you will explore Croatia’s countryside and get to know magnificent castles, fortresses and sights. The Drau accompanies you on your way and is your natural guide to the finish line.

>> All details about the cycle tour Kalgenfurt – Zagreb.


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Based in two hotels baltc sea with Charm

7 Days | Self-guided tour
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Croatia / Austria

Klagenfurt - Zagreb

8 Days | Self-guided tour
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As you can see, the 2020 cycle trends will make you want to hop on the bike. You can’t wait any longer and want to find out about the new tours from Eurobike? Then simply check out our tour search!