E-bike factsheet - for those who are curious…


Just imagine: impressive scenery passing by, using next-to-no effort cycling up hills and still having enough energy for sightseeing tours or seeing tourist attractions at the end of each stage! Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! Thanks to modern E-bikes you feel the “tailwind” behind you, which helps you get to your destination more easily. Do you still have questions about E-Bikes and Pedelecs? The Eurobike team has put together the following factsheet for you.

Eurobike’s E-bikes have a range of up to 180 km

Our E-bikes are all built around KTM frames and have got good batteries, which will keep on working for up to 180 kilometres depending on your riding style. This range obviously depends on various factors. For example, it depends on how much support you choose to rely on when cycling. But the route itself and the cycling surface make a difference too. It’s useful that you can see how much battery you have got left on the practically placed LCD display.

Our E-bikes are actually Pedelecs

The main difference is between the motor. The electric motor used on Pedelecs only kicks into action when you pedal. This means that you can safely ignore the cliche that those who ride E-bikes are not very sporty. That’s because if you don’t pedal, the motor doesn’t even get activated.

The engine of the Eurobike pedelecs is located in the middle of the bike and can be adjusted as needed. Depending on the slope so sometimes more, sometimes less support.

E-bikes allow those with different fitness levels to cycle together

Everyone has experienced it... in every group there are always those who are sportier and that who cycle off ahead. There are then lots in the middle and at the back the stragglers who struggle to keep up. E-bikes allow the slow cyclists to keep up and can in fact turn the situation around and they can leave the sporty ones at the back of the group trying to catch up. Those who don't currently feel fit enough to cycle for a whole week will be particularly surprised at how well the E-bike can help them out.

E-bikes are even more fun in a group

When planning a group bike ride, you think about the bikes beforehand. By using E-bikes you can cancel out any differences in fitness level between the group members. If you have all got roughly the same level of fitness then we either recommend E-bikes or conventional bicycles. Otherwise you will re-create an imbalance within the group. It’s easy to cycle just as fast or even faster than a friend with good fitness by using an electric bike! But you don’t need to use the maximum power level all of the time.

The huge network of charging stations is clear

The topic of electric bikes is huge in mainland Europe currently and you are sure to find charging points at your hotels, guest houses and even on route. Pretty much all famous European bike paths have now got charging stations. That means when riding an electric bike you can take pretty much any route. Nevertheless Eurobike has compiled an article with specific tour recommendations that are especially good for those using electric bikes. We simply say: go to Italy!

End message: if you are yet to have been on a cycle tour with an electric bike, you should definitely give it a go!

Robi on the bike
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