Tips and tricks for everything e-bike

The most beautiful tour tips for e-bikers

Imagine this: impressive landscapes pass by. You climb the hills almost effortlessly. And at the end of the route you still have enough power for sightseeing tours. Too good to be true? Not quite! Because thanks to e-bikes, you always feel the ‘tail wind’ while you are in the saddle, which will get you to your destination with ease.

Are you still thinking about it? The Eurobike team has compared touring bikes and e-bikes. You can read about the advantages or disadvantages of modern e-bikes compared to conventional touring bikes in the ‘touring bike vs e-bike’ post.

Five e-bike facts about pedelecs etc.

Do you have questions about pedelecs and e-bikes? We have summarised the five most important facts for you. So that no questions remain unanswered!

No. 1: Our e-bikes are pedelecs

The Pedelecs electronic motor only works alongside pedalling. That means: the engine doesn’t start under its own momentum. The significant difference to the e-bike is therefore the type of motor. The motor of the Eurobike pedelecs sits in the middle of the bike and can be adjusted individually. Depending on the hill, you get more or less support.


No. 2: Condition differences are easily compensated for

It’s common knowledge: In the group there are a few hard-working athletes at the top, many cyclists in the middle and a few stragglers. The slower riders in the group can also keep up with e-bikes. Those cyclists who don’t feel fit enough for a whole week on the bike will be particularly surprised how well the e-bike supports them.

No. 3: E-bikes from Eurobike can travel up to 180kilometres

The rental models from Eurobike are based on KTM bikes with a powerful battery. The range depends on several factors, such as how much assistance you need while cycling. The route and the path type also play a major role. You can read the charge level of the battery on a practical LCD display at any time. And, as already mentioned, depending on the use, these bikes can cover a distance of up to 180 kilometres.

No. 4: E-bikes are even more fun in a group

If you are planning a group cycle tour, you should think about the type of bikes beforehand. You can balance big differences in condition with e-bikes. However, if the ability of all participants is the same, we recommend using either only e-bikes or only conventional bikes. Otherwise the performance level could be too uneven.

No. 5: The network of e-bike charging stations is impressive

Hardly any well-known cycle path can do without a charging station. This could be a hotel or inn with a charging station or charging stations long the route. Almost all cycle paths are therefore at your feet – or rather, under the pedals!

Five special e-bike tour tips

We offer top-quality electric bikes for touring guests so you can tackle every steep climb with a smile. After a short training session with our Eurobike team, you can get started – using it is child’s play!

The Salzkammergut – a paradise for lake lovers

The Salzkammergut combines magic glimmering lakes with a magnificent alpine panorama. The ‘Ten Lakes Tour’ cycle tour begins directly in the Mozart city of Salzburg. The tour takes you along the Salzach to the most beautiful lakes in the Salzburg region. You cycle past the Attersee, which is a very special highlight thanks to its crystal-clear water. And before you go back to the city of Salzburg you can explore the world-famous Hallstatt.

Boat at Lake Königssee with mountain scenery

Lakes, castles and panoramic views from Lake Constance to Königssee

Once cultural and scenic highlight follows the last. On the cycle tour from Lake Constance to Königssee you can not only admire the royal castles in Schwangau or the Kehlsteinhaus in Berchtesgaden, but also experience unspoiled nature with its crystal clear lakes up close. And best of all: the tour is suitable for every cyclist. For demanding stages, simply use the turbo on your e-bike.

Cyclists near historic centre of Heidelberg

The three Imperial Cathedrals on the Rhine – cycling in the Kaiser’s footsteps

On the cycle tour ‘Three Imperial Cathedrals on the Rhine’ you will not only explore the romantic Altrheimarme, but also the impressive Imperial Cathedrals in Speyer, Worms and Mainz. Enjoy the southern flair and the blooming almond trees along the cycle paths. And another culinary tip: on a cycle tour in September, you definitely have to plan a detour to the world’s largest wine festival, the ’Dürkheim Wurstmarkt’.

The dreamy paths of Tuscany

Anyone who has always wanted to travel to Florence by e-bike from Montecatini Terme should take a closer look at the Tuscany Tour. This e-bike trip leaves nothing to be desired: delicious food, Italian wine, olive groves, Renaissance works of art…the list could go on. Experience the pure culture of Tuscany!

View over Toblach

Tour of the Dolomites

This tour around the Dolomites is ideal for both e-bikers and sporty cyclists. It starts in the Puster Valley. The path continues past landscapes that have been declared a World Heritage Site, such as the ‘Pale Mountains’. You cycle through the Eisack and the Adige Valley past Bolzano and on to Trento. And before you finally make your way back, take a look at the Olympic city of Cortina d’Ampezzo and the fabulous mountain range Drei Zinnen.

The team of Eurobike cycling specialists wish you a lot of fun on the e-bike tours!