Last-minute tips for cycling in summer

Escape the heat

Summer, sun and lots of sunshine – oh, the warm months of the year are wonderful. However, for cyclists hot temperatures can quickly become dangerous. Cycling in sweltering heat, with beads of sweat on the forehead can cause circulatory problems. The solution is to escape the heat and head off to the cooler climates of the north! Whether to Denmark, Norway, Finland or Sweden: you’ll find a great place for summer cycling amongst the fjords.

Exploring East Jutland: a cycling trip in Denmark

Cosy cobblestone streets, numerous coffee houses and trendy boutiques make the European City of Culture, Arhus worth seeing. Embark on the seven-day cycle tour along coasts, through various cities and finally onto the green island of Samsø.

On the third day you are especially spoiled for choice. Whether a boat ride to ‘Himelbjerget’, an exciting canoe trip or cycling along the old railway tracks: Denmark really shows off its diversity on this day.

On day five you finally reach Samsø, the ‘Green Island’ of Denmark. It is best known for its organic agriculture and pleasant climate. In summer in particular, it is a mecca for tourists. Sandy beaches and peaceful villages with picturesque coffee houses invite you to linger and rest.

Attention: Unfortunately, we no longer offer the cycling tour in East Jutland. However, we do have some other cycling holidays in Denmark in our programme as an alternative!

You see, in the summer you can get by without sweating. Try a trip to the north and hop onto the saddle at moderate temperatures!

Tip: the north is beautiful. Nevertheless, we advise you to take warm, and especially waterproof clothing!

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