Customer support in times of Corona

Interview with Sabine from Eurobike

In such a short time, the travel industry has been completely turned upside down by the coronavirus. Travel warnings, entry restrictions, travel cancellations and the subsequent changes and cancellations to bookings pose a great challenge for Eurobike employees. And all of this in a completely new working environment – from home. We asked our customer advisor Sabine how she has been coping with the switch to ‘home office’ and how she has been recharging her batteries to cope with this time.

Hey Sabine, how are you today? Are you feeling healthy?

“I’m in good health, thanks!”

The switch to home office was given with quite short notice. How have you found the past week?

“When we were told about this, I was initially bit unsure how everything would work so quickly: access to data from home, communication with each other and making calls. But our colleagues were very busy! Everything was set up quickly, laptops were organised and equipped for our needs, all the important programmes were installed, and we picked them up individually from the company to avoid unnecessary direct contact with colleagues. Making calls didn’t work the first day, but it was working perfectly by Tuesday.

The phones now ring in everyone’s homes and we are able to help our guests as usual, just with restricted office hours. Now after a week it’s almost routine, but of course I miss my colleagues very much…”

How have guests reacted to cancelled tours?

“The majority of guests are very understanding. We try to offer alternatives, such as rebooking for autumn or for 2021.

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible for everyone and some are left disappointed that their planned holiday cannot take place. However, most guests had already expected their trip would be cancelled and were already waiting for detailed information from us. We take care of every single guest and try to find the best solution.”


What are you doing to stop the cabin fever setting in? Do you have any tips?

“I go for a small walk with my dog every morning and evening, of course following all the rules!

I also do a little sport every other day, along with my husband (who can do more push-ups! 😉) and phone my family in Bavaria often. Talking and sharing helps me a lot, and that works over the phone too! Otherwise: read and do some things you wouldn’t normally have time for (e.g. make a photobook of your last holiday). So far, the days have passed relatively quickly, but I’m still looking forward to when things calm down again. I’m very optimistic!”