New electric bikes for Eurobike

become a fan of the e-bike

The trend towards e-bikes continues to grow year on year. In order to meet the increasing demand for our rental bikes, we are looking forward to receiving more than 200 e-bikes.

As with all our bicycles, we always pay attention to solid quality with the best comfort. For years, we have relied on the proven bikes from KTM.


KTM – Bikes made in Austria

For decades, KTM has been regarded as an influential, global bike manufacturer. The seal of approval ‘Made in Austria’ always stands for top quality and state-of-the-art technology. In more than 50 countries around the world, KTM has built on its reputation for their precise production of bikes. A large part of these bicycles, as well as our e-bikes, are built in the company headquarters in Mattighofen – just a few kilometres from the Eurobike head office – and are modified accordingly for our needs. For this reason, here at Eurobike, we trust the proven KTM bikes year after year and have done throughout our long-term cooperation.

Bosch batteries

The efficient and long-lasting batteries from Bosch combine tremendous mileage, long service and a low weight. Thanks to the performance-oriented engines, there is nothing standing in the way of a relaxing cycling experience, not just on Austria’s cycle paths, but across Europe.

Our e-bikes

A good set of wheels is the most important piece of equipment for a successful cycle tour. With our electric bikes you are fully mobile and can really enjoy the ride. They are simple to operate and easy for anyone to handle.

In order to offer our guests an even better cycling experience, our electric bikes have been equipped with the latest state-of-the-art Bosch drive technology. Thanks to the mid-engine and the low centre of gravity, the bikes are easy to control and the bike computer and power consumption indication are really simple to use – so even demanding routes and be mastered by anyone.

By the way: our electric bikes are ‘pedelecs’. This means that the electric cycle assistance can only be accessed by actively pedalling.

Thanks to KTM’s proven quality, we can guarantee the highest comfort and safety on roads and cycle paths. With a decent range of about 120 kilometres, you are fully mobile and will take on every mountain with a smile.

Good to know: Electric bikes cannot only be booked for our specially marked e-bike tours, but for our entire travel programme. With out travel search, we guarantee you’ll find your perfect cycle tour.