Safety on your cycling holiday

Your safety and hygiene are the highest priority on all Eurobike cycling tours

Immerse yourself in wonderful, relaxed tranquility with every turn of the pedal, enjoy a well-deserved break in the fresh air, active and on the move and always on the most beautiful cycle paths in Europe, far away from the tourist crowds. On Eurobike cycling holidays with luggage transfer you will experience exactly this as you enjoy an individual cycling holiday at your own pace and personal rhythm. Over the past weeks and months, our Eurobike team has thought hard about the measures we can take to ensure even more safety and hygiene on your cycling holiday.

We will now tell you which aspects we have successfully implemented and how our entire team takes important hygiene measures to ensure even more safety on your Eurobike holiday. Your relaxing and completely carefree holiday experience is guaranteed – trust us!

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The four elements of a safe cycling holiday

Hygiene and safety on a cycling holiday

How can you create the necessary balance between a wonderful holiday experience and the important safety measures, as well as hygiene-oriented distancing regulations, in the current challenging climate? This question has occupied our thoughts over the past months and through a lot of creative ideas and constructive suggestions, we have developed a particularly safe raft of measures for our Eurobike cycling holidays. So that these hygiene precautions form the basis for the daily actions of everyone involved on your cycle tour, four essential elements have been defined and serve as the basis for your safe active holiday.

1. Maßnahmen für Hygiene und Sicherheit vor Ort

Our first element covers the aspects of ensuring all important hygiene and protective measures for guests and employees on-site. Our station managers and drivers in the holiday destinations wear face masks as well as gloves and regularly use disinfectant on their hands. During personal tour information meetings, attention is paid to compliance with social distancing regulations. Our entire team, both in customer service and in the holiday destinations are well trained in the hygiene measures that must be observed. You will receive the travel documents package – depending on your individua cycling holiday – either in full in advance by post, on-site at the reception of your arrival hotel or personally given to you during your information meeting. Do you have any questions? Our Eurobike team can be reached by telephone on our service-hotline during your trip.

2. Our services during your cycling holiday

There are also essential hygiene-related points that must be observed during your trip. We have defined this important aspect as our second element. This includes maintenance of equipment such as our Eurobike bikes, saddlebags etc. Particular attention is paid to necessary hygiene. All bikes are washed thoroughly after each guest and then disinfected, so hygiene and safety are guaranteed. Safety measures are also the top priority during luggage transfers. Therefore, all Eurobike employees have been trained on-site with regards to the regulations. Masks, gloves and a means for regular hand disinfection are now a central part of the everyday equipment. During the guest transfers in our shuttles, it is compulsory that all occupants wear a mask and great attention is paid to compliance with important social distancing rules. We recommend that our guests pack enough mouth and nose masks and disinfectant in their luggage.

3. Hygiene & safety in the accommodation

An equally important aspect, and thus the third element to guarantee your protection on a successful cycling holiday, is compliance with and the guarantee of hygiene and safety measures in the hotels and accommodation. Over the past few months, all hotels on your cycle tour have developed regulations that guarantee that you can relax after a demanding day’s stage with a good feeling and also experience a delightful visit to the restaurant in the evening. The hotel staff will be happy to provide you with all the important details upon arrival. Note: We kindly ask for your understanding if certain areas of the hotel, such as the fitness room or wellness area, are not accessible or only used to a limited extent.

4. Flexible and risk-free cycling holidays

The current climate makes it necessary to make holidays as flexible as possible. We have fixed this as our fourth element. With our Eurobike Complete-Safety-Package, your carefree cycling holiday is 100% guaranteed and your active trip can be cancelled or rebooked free of charge up to four weeks before departure. With these four elements for a safe cycling tour, nothing stands in the way of your protection and hygiene, even during your active tour!

Note on our routes: As soon as the current situation allows, we will start our cycling tours. This can lead to adjustments in the route. There is the possibility that, for example, cross-border train or cable car journeys will be omitted and replaced by an alternative route. Your cycle tour experience is guaranteed during this time and we ask for your understanding if there should be a change to your cycling holiday.

Questions & answers about your safe cycling holiday

We have summarised the most important questions & answers about your worry-free cycling holiday at a glance. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – just get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you!