2019 – what a cycling season!

Let’s look back at a successful 2019!

The last guests have returned home from their cycle tours, the rental bikes are sparkling clean and lined up in their garages waiting for the new cycling season, winter is slowly coming in – you would be forgiven for thinking that calm is coming to Eurobike – think again, because after the season is before the season!


Eurobike Team

Get to work – there’s lots to do!

The busy Eurobike bees are already buzzing around our headquarters in Obertrum near Salzburg and are happily analysing the past cycling season. What are the new trends? Where can we improve? And where else could we develop cycle tours? Only when all these questions are answered can the new cycling season finally begin.

Group of cyclists in Tuscany

And the winner is…

Destinations such as Italy, Austria and southern Germany were particularly popular with our guests in 2019. That’s understandable – these three countries are real gems when it comes to landscape, cuisine and culture. Who wouldn’t want to sit in Piazza San Marco and drink coffee? Eat traditional Wiener schnitzel in the city on the Danube? Or cycle past glittering lakes in Bavaria?

It gets easier!

In 2019, many of our guests took the opportunity to try out the new generation of bicycles: the e-bike. So even more demanding tours can be accomplished. Have you tried it before? Eurobike even has its own range of e-bike-tours. Have a look!

View from Landhaus Appesbach in St. Wolfgang

Would you like a little more comfort?

A clear trend in 2019 was our cycle tours with charm. More and more of our guests prefer not to sleep in the already comfortable accommodation, but to sleep in special charm category hotels. These hotels are characterised by a particularly spectacular location, a great ambience, excellent cuisine or a stunning spa. Due to the high demand, we have created a new charm catalogue for the 2020 season. Take a look now and discover our most beautiful cycling and hiking tours with charm!


Cycle break at Lake Mattsee

The crème de la crème

Now you are as excited as we are, we can now reveal which of our 2019 cycle tours were particularly popular with our guests. We’ll tell you the 2019 cycling trends!

Salzkammergut tour

One of the oldest cycle tours in our varied programme is also one of our more popular cycle tours. And in 2019 the fabulous Salzkammergut tour was again at the forefront. No wonder! It takes our guests on a charming trail through the magical Salzkammergut, past highlights and the most beautiful places this wonderful area has to offer.

Lake Reschen – Lake Garda

If you were looking to book a cycle tour with Eurobike in 2019 you might have found this great cycle tour: Reschensee – Lake Garda. The tour along the Adige Cycle Path presents us with the most beautiful sides of northern Italy in two different versions. Picturesque landscapes, fantastic vineyards and sparkling lakes impressed our guests of the beauty of this bike tour.

Tour character


8 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character

Lake Reschen - Lake Garda

8 Days | Self-guided tour

Munich Lake Loop

The beautiful lakes around the Bavarian metropolis of Munich were again the reason for many of our guests to pack their suitcases, oil up the bike chains and set off for Bavaria in 2019. Cycling fun for the whole family.

Danube Cycle Path

How could we compile a list of our most popular cycle tours without mentioning the Danube Cycle Path? The Danube Cycle Path was again, in all its variations, the absolute leader among Eurobike cycle tours in 2019. It’s understandable – great stage locations, interesting cities, comfortable hotels and a heavenly cycle route, mostly directly along the Danube, are convincing arguments for a successful cycle tour.

Tour character

Munich Lakes Tour

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character
Germany / Austria

Danube Cycle Path

8 Days | Self-guided tour

Tuscany tour

When you think of Italy you inevitably have Tuscany in mind. And this is exactly why many of our 2019 guests were persuaded to book our wonderful Tuscany tour. It almost doesn’t get more beautiful!

  • All details about the great Tuscany tour can be found here.

Bolzano – Venice

This tour also makes it into the hearts of guests year after year. Lake Garda, Verona, Padua, Venice…you will be raving about it! You can almost smell the ripe fruit that grows along the path and feel the warm sun that shines on your face as you cycle through northern Italy’s pretty vineyards.


Tour character

Tuscany roundtrip

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character

Bolzano - Venice

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Robi on the bike
Valerian Höfler
“We look forward to receiving your inquiry for the new 2020 cycling season and are sure that you will enjoy our new, exciting cycle tours as much as our 2019 programme.”
Valerian Höfler, Head of Customer Service