Cycling in the Palatinate

Joscha from Eurobike on tour

In order to be able to give our guests top qualitiy advice, I took a cycle tour in the Palatinate by myself. Because I had only three days, I decided to do a part of our cycling tour from Strasbourg to Mainz. And as I expected, cycling holidays in the Palatinate offers everything the cyclist's heart desires.

Day 1:

On Monday I met with Zoran who works for Eurobike with the guests in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. After handing out the bikes and the necessary equipment, I was told about the day and it was time to set off. I cycled in the sun on dirt tracks through fields being harvested in the Rhine valley towards the range of hills in the Palatinate forest. From afar I could recognise some of the vines nestling on the slopes. It didn’t take long until I was cycling through some of the charming villages and could marvel at some of the typical wine villages. The route undulated slightly between all of the villages and I cycled through a seemingly endless number of vineyards as well as wineries, working winemakers. To my left was always the giant Rhine valley and to my right the foothills of the green Palatinate Forest with its fortresses sitting up high on the hills. It was as if each village was a beautiful perl on a necklace. In the early afternoon I arrived at a spa town called Bad Bergzabern. After a small ride around to get my bearings I had earnt myself a lunch break in the main square, which was quite busy for a Sunday afternoon.

The slightly demanding first half of today’s stage was complete and after a few more kilometres I reached the Rhine valley at the end of the day. I cycled on quiet roads and paths through extensive forest areas and bumped into hardly anybody meaning that I could enjoy the nature.

After a short detour to France I crossed the river Rhine and checked into my accommodation in Rastatt where I had a lovely dinner before a stroll through town followed by a well-deserved night’s sleep.

Day 2:

I set off on my bike quite early after breakfast and after a quick photo break by Rastatt Residential Palace I left the town and dived back into the nature. I headed north for kilometres mainly cycling along well built river paths. This peaceful ride, with a blossoming landscape, was only interrupted by a ferry ride across the Rhine. Having arrived in Germersheim I took a little break in a cafe and then continued cycling now on agricultural roads towards, what I could see in the distance, the Palatinate hilly and forest landscape. In doing so the bike tour was coming to an end and in the early afternoon I arrived where I first started, Neustadt an der Weinstraße. Before dinner there was a bit of time for me to explore the old town and its characteristic houses for this wine region.

Day 3:

Today I travelled on four wheels through the Palatinate because I accompanied Zoran. He is responsible for the well-being of our guests on his daily trip from hotel to hotel and by going with him I could get the best possible glimpse of the final destination of the tour and it enabled me to give our guests top quality advice.

Robi on the bike
Joscha Koob
I will be delighted to advise you about our cycle tours in the Palatinate!
Joscha Koob, Product Management
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