Centre-based, distance or round trip

which tour type suits you? A centre-based, round trip or even a long-distance tour?

Discover the most beautiful landscapes of Europe on two wheels! Eurobike organises special cycle tours tailored to your needs! Whether you are a casual cyclist or a passionate athlete, the Eurobike tour types range from easy to medium and ambitious to athletic. The range is varied. Wondering which type of tour suits you best? The Eurobike team will tell you about the highlights of round trips and centre-based tours as well as distance tours.

Round-trips – cycling for explorers

On a round-trip you will come back to where you left off at the end of your journey. In between you can expect many adventures. Every day you explore a completely different environment. And what happens to your luggage? Don’t worry about that! While discovering the most beautiful sights and landscapes, your suitcases will be transported to your next accommodation by Eurobike.

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Experience the Salzkammergut and the lakes of Salzburg in just one holiday

Make history come alive and enjoy nature. On this "Ten Lakes-Tour" you will follow in the footsteps of the beloved Austrian Empress Sissi, Mozart and Co. Nature and culture lovers will get their money’s worth in the Salzkammergut. Each of the sparkling lakes has its own story and invites you to jump into the cool water. Silent Night Chapel in Oberndorf, the World Heritage Site of Hallstatt or the Imperial Villa in Bad Ischl and many more sights are waiting to be visited. In between you cycle through picturesque landscapes and can enjoy unspoilt nature.

Couple of bikers sitting on the lake Ammersee and have a break

Centre-based tours – cycling without re-packing your bag

Do you love to go on holiday and switch off and enjoy? Do you want to experience wellness in addition to discovering new places on the bike? Then centre-based tours are just the thing. Compared to round-trips you spend the nights in the same hotel. Totally stress free and comfortable.

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View over Lake Trasimeno

Centre-based tour in Umbria for variety-seeking connoisseurs

Your accommodation is quiet and ideally located. Enjoy a variety of bike excursions and taste the best wines of the region. Cycle through olive groves and get to know, small, typical Umbrian villages – does that sound like the perfect holiday for you? Look forward to the typical Italian “dolce fa niente” – sweet idleness! Learn more about the centre-based tour in Umbria.

Distance tour – The journey from A to B

Would you like to discover a region in depth by bike? Then you are in good hands on our distance route tours. Again, your bags are brought daily to the nearest hotel and you can cycle comfortably with only your daypack. With many Eurobike tours you can book a return transfer to the starting point. This will take you back to your parked vehicle.

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Danube Cycle Path, the classic cycling route

Experience the versatility of Austria comfortably by bike on the classic among cycle paths – the Danube Cycle Path. Starting from Passau or Schärding you cycle on the very well-developed bike path to the Austrian capital of Vienna. The beautiful blue Danube is your faithful companion on this tour and is with you with every pedal. A special highlight is the impressive Schlögener Schlinge, where the Danube makes a 180 degree change of direction. But the Wachau will enchant you with its charming landscape of typical fruit and vineyards.

Eurobike offers you the most beautiful cycle tours in Europe. Use the Tour search to find your perfect tour, no matter what the season!