Cycling along the Danube

Cultural and Culinary Highlights in Austria

Culinary delights & idyllic landscapes along the Danube

Austrian culinary delights, idyllic landscapes and lots of exercise: that is a summary of your journey along the river Danube between Passau and Vienna. The cycle tours along this lovely blue Danube river are not only suitable for novice cyclists and families but also for those more experienced cyclists and especially for those who are looking for fine food and drink. Nature and culture, town and countryside – the diversity is impressive. The popular tours along the Danube run alongside impressive nature and past historical places. They sure do fulfil your holiday wishes. 

Town, country, river - along the Danube everything unites

The Danube does not get called Europe’s loveliest river for nothing. The diverse landscapes close to Austria’s border range from nature protection areas to unique cultural landscapes and impressive historical buildings. You get to cycle along top-quality bike paths, usually away from traffic, that show the Danube from its best side. By bike you get more time to explore the area and enjoy the nature!

Cyclist enjoys the sun in vineyard

Explore the Danube's veriaty up-close

It doesn’t matter whether you are exploring Austria’s historical and cultural capital city of Vienna or Linz or maybe even relaxing in the vineyards. A cycle tour along the river Danube promises utmost relaxation all-round. Austria fans among us look forward to finding new favourite places away from the crowds of tourists. For instance, it is the untouched nature that makes us admire the place – our secret tips make the bike tour a unique experience. Going along at cycle-pace, you can fully enjoy the nature and art. You also have plenty of time to reflect on the week’s cycle tour and to simply forget about the hectic day-to-day life. Now that really does sound like a good holiday!

Just the right place for gourmets - a bike tour along the Danube

Every region along the Danube offers its own speciality, which is calling out to be tested:

  • The hearty “Innviertel Knödel” (dumplings) are especially popular in Austria
  • Regional and seasonal vegetables from Upper Austria can be enjoyed around the Eferdinger Basin and the Machland
  • The Mostviertel in Lower Austria tempts you with its hearty snacks
  • Excellent wine and fresh fruit can be purchased straight from the producers themselves in Wachau

And don’t forget about the magnificent Austrian puddings to be enjoyed after your meal. Following the slogan “Can I have some more, please?” you are sure to find your favourite local pudding.

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