Cycling holidays in Liechtenstein

To cycle on all of the available routes in this tiny principality you might not two or maybe three days max. Due to its maximum dimensions of about 25 kilometres in length and 13 kilometres in width, it is a very small country. Still this need not be a reason to steer clear of the sixth smallest nation on earth. Due to its location in the Rhine valley with the river Rhine on the Western, Swiss side and the peaks of the Rätikon mountain range on the Eastern, Austrian side this country offers a breathtaking panorama. The difference in altitude between the lowest and the highest point within the country’s area of just about 160 square kilometres is over 2400 metres – there are actually a whopping 32 mountains with an alititude of over 2000 metres within Liechtenstein. In contrast to the mountains, the Rhine valley is situated at an altitude of under 500 metres.

Rhine fall in Schaffhausen

A cycling holiday across four countries within the Alpine region

Unfortunately there are only a few mountain regions abundantly suitable to relaxing cycling holidays. Our round trip across four countries however is definitely part of them and leads you from Constance along the shores of three lakes and the river Rhine through the amazing scenery of the German, Swiss and Austrian Alps. Starting in Constance you follow Lake Untersee via the Rhine Falls all the way to the Swiss capital Zurich and from there along Lake Zurichsee and Lake Walensee into the Rhine valley. In the area of Liechtenstein there are several castles added to the already spectacular landscape towering on the top of low mountains. After that you follow the river Rhine and the Southern shores of Lake Constance back into Constance in Germany. Since the special course of this route leads you along bodies of water it is easy to tackle and although there are no noteworthy  ascents it leads you through an impressive mountain world nonetheless.

Enjoy a carefree cycling holiday with Eurobike

We at Eurobike are one of the oldest travel organisations specialising in cycling holidays in Europe. Because of that we have a close-knit network of contacts and associates we cooperate with allowing us to coordinate tours with them and to offer a high standard with optimal service and support. We organise all necessary preparations for you such as booking accommodations, guided tours or excursions and are permanently on hand with help, advice and information for you during your holiday. On self-guided tours such as our ‚Four-Country-Tour in the Alpine region’ you can always reach us on our hotline should there be any suggestions, queries, doubts or problems and we ensure that you always reach your destination comfortably even despite unexpected incidents such as a flat tyre.

Bike Tours in Liechtenstein

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Liechtenstein / Switzerland / Germany / Austria

Three Lakes - Four Countries

9 Days | Self-guided tour
Explore Lake Constance, Lake Zurich and Lake Walen; on this international route you will be able to enjoy the difference and similarities between the Lake Constance countries of Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. This easy tour allows you to experience the Mediterranean flair of the Lake Constance through to the Churfirsten Mountains. Get all information and many more tour tips for our cycle tours on Lake Constance.
Robi on the bike
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