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The tiny country of Luxembourg has an area of only 82 kilometres in length and 57 kilometres in width. Nevertheless it offers a multitude of interesting cycle routes and countless attractions within a very small area. Initially most visitors are surprised by the diversity of the landscape and we suspect that you too will feel the same on your first cycling holiday across the Grand Duchy. Nearly a third of its area is covered by forests and geographically there are two clearly descernable regions. The South is characterised by slightly undulating terrain on the plain of the manor-land, whereas the North is dominated by the mountainous Ardennes plateau. In addition several river valleys run across the land, along their shores you can find several stunning cycling routes. However prerequisites are excellent in all of Luxemburg. Alongside a very well developed infrastructure there are practically no challenging steep ascents and traffic is quiet and moderate.

Eurobike leads you from the river Mosel to the Rhine 

The stunningly beautiful scenery along the river Mosel is not only renowned for great wines, but also for the idyllic river valley and a pleasant climate. Due to geographical circumstances and its location, temperatures here are slightly above average compared to the surrounding areas – one of the reasons why grape vines thrive particularly well along the river and yield an ample harvest. Eurobike offers - amongst others - routes from the capital Luxemburg to the German town of Coblenz or into the French city of Strasbourg. Along both routes you follow the course of the river Mosel through soft rolling hills and fields along the Luxembourgian-German border. In Trier you obtain an insight into the long-standing history of this place, reflected in the historic and UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the 'Roman Bridge’ and the city gate 'Porta Nigra’. The journey to Strasbourg leads you from Trier along the river Rhine via Merzig and Saarbrücken to France. This gives you the chance to experience and appreciate the French way of life en route, where enjoyment plays an important role. In the half-timbered houses of the Alsace region locally grown hops and tabacco are refined. Delicious baguettes, made from locally grown wheat, are also baked here. Enjoyment however is also a crucial motto on the way to Coblenz, since you cycle across well-known vineyard estates such as the "Bernkastler Doktor", the "Zeller Schwarze Katz" and the "Kröver Nacktarsch". 

Eurobike organises your cycling holiday to ensure unfettered enjoyment

With years and years of experience Eurobike has established an extensive network of local associates and a professional experienced team with a wealth of expert knowledge. This combination allows us to take on the organisation of an unadultered cycling holiday, where you do not miss any conveniences. Naturally you ride carefree and unburdened without any luggage through picturesque scenery – your luggage is already there when you arrive each day at your comfortable accommodation, which is tailored to an active holiday in well-maintained hotels, guest houses and inns. For each stage of the tour Eurobike provides you with easy to read maps and ample additional information, so you can totally focus on the cycling, marvelling and enjoying.

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