Cycling holidays in Marocco

Measured by African standards Marocco is a relatively small country. Nevertheless, it has an attractive and extremely diverse  scenery. The Atlantic coastline is rather flat due to the lowland plains located behind it. On the other hand, the terrain by the Mediterranean Sea ascends steeply towards the Er Rif mountain range. Inland you will find elevated plains stretching along the edge of the High Atlas mountain located at the Algerian border all the way through Algeria and to Tunisia. Due to its special proximity to Europe, the distance at the narrowest spot of the Strait of Gibraltar is just about 14 kilometres. Resultantly, Marocco is much more culturally shaped by Europe than other North African nations are. Their King Hassan II expressed this very special relationship as follows: "This country is a tree with African roots whose leaves drink in European air."

Impressive images of a round trip through the South of Marocco

During our cycling holiday across Marocco you discover the stunning South of Maroco where soft river valleys with palm trees and wild almond trees alternate with the idyllic, in parts wild mountain panorama of the Atlas mountains. You start the tour in the harbour town Agadir located on the Atlantic Ocean where amongst other things wide sandy beaches await. After a bus transfer up to the Antiatlas pass you comfortably roll through impressive granite rock formations which were cut into breathtaking shapes by the forces of nature. After that you cycle across the land of the Berber and past remains of traditional earth buildings and then along ancient caravan routes, oases and short sections of desert all the way to Marrakech. Afterwards you are headed across gentle meadow scenery towards the coast with its world-famous stupendous waves and renowned surfing areas.

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As well as all of our main routes in Europe, Eurobike also offers selected routes all over the world where you get to enjoy our unparalleled service and our perfect organisation further afield. Along with detailed advice regarding destinations and tours, our service includes thorough preparation and extensive support by our professional tour guides in our group tours. During cycling holidays outside of Europe such as our round trip across Marocco you are accompanied by a tour bus assisting you with steep ascents and that will transport your luggage to your next accomodation. To ensure that you are perfectly informed about your surroundings, we provide you a folder containing extensive background information and maps on each stage as well as having a tour guide. With Eurobike you enjoy maximum comfort with every cycling holiday and cycle along the most attractive routes in each country.