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The multiethnic state of Russia takes up by far the largest land surface of all countries in the worl. At the same time though – according to statistics – it has one of the lowest population densities. It ranks approximately thirty-times below that of Germany with a mere eight people per square kilometre. The reason for this is of course due to the endless expanse of the Siberian tundra and the Asian part of Russia, since the region which is geographically part of Europe is considerably more densely populated.

Discover the ancient towns of central Russia

on a guided cycle tour!
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Ancient towns of central Russia

8 Days | Guided group tour
Our cycling tour starts in the ancient Russian city of Tver, which has spread on a bank of our favorite Volga River. Here its waters are full flowing and it is very wide. Our first 2 cycling tracks will lead along Volga’s banks, through authentic Russian villages and settlements. This bike tour will help you to discover amazing distinctiveness and picturesqueness of Russian province, what is not always possible to feel while travelling through big cities of Russia. Going through the famous and old cities such as Dmitrov, Sergiyev Posad – the «Pearl» of a Golden Ring – this route will be unforgettable for our guests!  The final city for this tour is Vladimir, which rightfully can be called as a head of the Golden Ring. Also one of the point of interest will be «the young city of Science» – Dubna. Our tour program is filled with lots of interesting events. As visiting different ancient monasteries and churches, some of them are still active, some are partially destroyed. In the bigger cities – there will be a sightseeing program, as well as an opportunity to visit some museums and manors. And also master classes and a wonderful rest on the bank of Volga River - all this will make the cycling tour around Central Russia rich and memorable. A great part of the route leads along rural roads and dirt-tracks in pristine areas of Tver and Moscow regions. There will be 2 parts only of an asphalt roads, that we will ride escorted by our cars. The first night of the tour will take place in a hotel located in historical centre of Moscow, it will also be a point of gathering of all group members. At the end of the tour we go back to Moscow from Vladimir. Those who wish to continue exploring Russian capital are always welcome to stay. We can organize an interesting program for you upon request.
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With Eurobike on a cycling holiday in the vicinity of Moscow

The undisputed heart of Russia is of course its capital Moscow, which is considered Europe’s largest metropolis region with its surrounding suburbs. But already after a short journey behind the city walls a native scenery starts with little villages and unspoilt nature providing wonderful and idyllic surroundings for your cycling holiday. With our guided cycling tour you explore this area and visit ancient monasteries as well as other sights. You will follow the course of the river Volga and you will also learn on the side cooking skills Russian bonne femme. After a few days spent in the Tver region with a visit to the old part of town, which was partly planned and built by Cathrine the Great, you keep following the river to Yurievskoe. After a detour to the Moscow canal you will leave the magnificent Volga shores with a heavy heart and continue through pine forests and wide fields to Sergijew Possad.

Cycling with Eurobike: Comfort and Relaxation

Holiday is there to be enjoyed - and we at Eurobike ensure with our professional team and our carefully selected partners that you don't have to do anything else other than 'enjoy' whilst on your cycling holiday. We don't only plan the tour and give you a prepared route that is regularly updated and improved but we also transfer your luggage between each hotel. Rejoice on your bike holiday without any worries or baggage and enjoy the best attractions on route. When you get to your accomodation, everything is already arranged so you can relax. We provide you with permanent care and support via our tour representatives, our professional tour guides and our hotline. All questions are welcome. 

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