Cycling holiday in Turkey

Turkey is already an exceptionally interesting holiday destination and not just because of its location at the interface between Europe and Asia. Alongside an ancient history and numerous historic and architectural significant structures, this country with an area more than twice the size of Germany's also offers unique landscapes, differing in all seven regions. There is the long coastline on the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea with its world-renowned sandy beaches as well as fertile farmland and the vast steppe-area of the Marmara-region. In Anatolia however high-altitude plateaus are prevalent, which eventually rise and become the mountain chains in the East of the country. Despite its barren, wild appearance the historic and cultural significance of this region should not be underestimated. Mount Ararat can be found here, where according to the Bible Noah’s Arch once got stranded. The source of the River Euphrats is also here along with its lifeline of early ancient advanced civilisations. Further West you find the city of Istanbul – a city which shaped European history for over 1500 years under the names of  Byzantium and later on as Constantinople.

Felsenklippen ragen aus dem glasklaren Wasser

Eurobike extends its programme with cycling holidays in Turkey

Conditions for cycling holidaymakers vary just as much as the climate depending on the region, however the conditions have improved considerably in the past 15 years not just due to the expansion of the infrastructure. The breathtaking scenery and the multitude of attractions were determining reasons for Eurobike to start including Turkey as one of our holiday destinations. The start of our tour is in Cyprus and the route takes you through the Turkish part of Aphrodite’s island. On the north-eastern Karpa peninsula, architectural and scenic highlights await,. You will be able to admire them in the climate's fabulously warm climate. Our cycling holiday leads you along the coast through the scenic beauties of the region, little villages and ancient settlements such as Famagusta. This town is amongst other things famous for its nearly completely preserved miles and miles of city walls dating back to the 16th century and its unique mixture of Venetian, Ottoman and Christian architecture including numerous Gothic churches.

Numerous reasons speak in favour of your cycling holiday with Eurobike

A successful, relaxing holiday is not just a coincidence, but is the result of extensive, careful and thorough preparation along with the required expertise.  We at Eurobike know just as well that each holiday – and especially a cycling holiday – is precious and unique and needs to be treated as such. Therefore we have high expectations here at Eurobike for our routes and services and our tour guides. Equally high demands are put on our associates such as agencies, restaurants, hotels and inns, so you get to enjoy your Eurobike cycling holiday without restrictions. We shoulder all crucial preparations for you and support you during the tour by organising luggage transport and being available to you for any queries or problems – either directly on site or on self-guided tours via our hotline.

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