Company history


Eurobike stands for long lasting experience in tourism and especially in the division of bike tours. Here is a short overview about its origin and the most important mile stones of the company. 



Already in spring 1991 Walter Schmid and Herbert Würtinger thought of becoming active again concerning “bike tours” and had many discussions and negotiations with potential partners and competitors. In December 1991 the division “Radwandern” within the Würtinger & Partner close corporation is founded. 



The first Eurobike catalogue is designed, the “10 lakes loop tour” is the first Original tour. In the first bike season 1993 576 guests are booking tours. 



An own company is founded – company name “Eurofun Touristik” with product name “Eurobike” for the division “bike tourism”. 



The former holding company Würtinger & Partner ends its activity in August 1995, the search for a new office begins. In Obertrum, Mühlstraße 20 finally a former farm house becomes the new home. The following years display a continuous increase in bookings; more and more routes are developed permanently. 


2001 stands in the signs of expansion: Eurofun takes part in the “Bodensee Radweg Service GmbH” with 26%, after some negotiations “Rückenwind Reisen” in Oldenburg is adopted per 01.01.2002 with 100%. Dietmar Baumanns becomes general manager. 



The house in Mühlstraße 20 is purchased and rebuilt generously. The move into the new designed and friendly ambiance takes place on 21st of August, 2003. Until December the older part is completely finished too. 



Under the brand name “Eurohike” chosen walking tours are offered in an extra catalogue. On 1st of November, 2004 take over of 65% of the Eurotrek incorporation in Zurich. 



Under the brand name “Euroaktiv” chosen active tours are offered in an extra catalogue. In November take over of the remaining 35% of the Eurotrek incorporation. 



Purchase of the KVS close corporation in Neuss. Mr. Andreas Bunge becomes general manager and moves to Oldenburg. In April Miss Verena Sonnenberg becomes general manager of the Eurotrek incorporation in Zurich. 



Take over of 40% share of the SE Tours close corporation in Bremerhaven. Purchase of the first Flyer electro bikes. 



New catalogue „bike & boat” in cooperation with Rückenwind Reisen and Bodensee Radweg Service. In the end of October the building of the new garage with office and apartments for the associates starts. By the end of the year Mr. Dietmar Baumanns retires as general manager of Rückenwind Reisen. Miss Verena Sonnenberg becomes director of Eurohike. 



Mr. Andreas Bunge becomes new general manager of Rückenwind Reisen. A new catalogue with only German bike tours in it is designed. Miss Verena Sonnenberg finally returns to Obertrum and resumes the divisions Eurohike and Euroaktiv. The building of the new garage is finished in summer, by the end of the year move-in into the new accommodation with apartments and office. Afterwards the adaption of the first floor starts immediately to provide workplaces for Eurohike and the graphic division.