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The most beautiful cycling regions in Germany

Our bestselling cycle tours in Germany

A bike tour in Germany - visit this European gem


The Free State of Bavaria needs no introduction. Everyone knows the Alpine region and feels right at home. It’s no wonder that many of our most popular cycle tours are located in Bavaria. Of course, Munich and the surrounding area play an important role.

Two cyclists on a cycle path between fields and wooden huts, with the Zugspitze massif in the background


Blossoming almond trees, vineyards as far as the eye can see and exotic fruits offer the Palatinate holidaymaker a beautiful setting for a cycle tour. Become enchanted by the charm of the Palatinate. You can’t go wrong with any of our tours!

Three cyclists in front of the Wachtenburg, framed by a steel work of art

Lake Constance

The endless Lake Constance - nestled between heavy fruit trees that give off a heavenly scent, picturesque wine regions and rugged mountains - is one of the most popular cycling destinations in Germany.

The harbour of Meersburg on Lake Constance

Main Cycle Path

The little brother of the Rhine – we’re of course talking about the Main. It plays a major role at Eurobike and is by no means in its big brother’s shadow. Cycle tours like Bayreuth - Mainz or the Main Vintner's Tour are just one example of the wonderful cycle tours along the Main.

Homburg on the Main

Central Germany

The beautiful rivers, which are so wonderful to cycle along, are especially attractive for cyclists in central Germany. This idyllic image is accompanied by enchanting castles and palaces, which are very common in this area, as well as picturesque vineyards. A bike holiday in central Germany promises a lot of rest and valuable time to yourself.

Northern Germany

Secluded beaches on the rough Baltic Sea, dreamy fishing villages, thatched houses and modern cities await the cyclist in northern Germany. On almost perfect cycle paths you reach one highlight after the last.

Beach in Boltenhagen

Cycle tours in Germany for families

An active holiday with the whole family

Eurobike offers beautiful cycling tours that will appeal to the whole family! And the little ones will have fun. Because you either cycle on family-friendly paths or enjoy the tour with your child in a trailer or child’s seat. The stage lengths are also suitable for children, so there is still plenty time to explore the area and enjoy precious time with the family.

Family on the Isar cycle path

Bike & Boat in Germany

Travelling along German waterways

Anyone who has taken a bike and boat trip once never turns back. Your floating hotel will accompany you as you pedal and on board, comfort, the best food, great organization and a lot of cycling fun await you.

View on Goarshausen

Useful information about your cycle tour in Germany

The climate in Germany

Like the cuisine, the climate in Germany varies! Overall, it is incredibly difficult to make a forecast of the weather across the country. Various climatic zones meet here. From the mountainous climate of the Alps, to the continental climate on the south-east of Germany and on to the maritime north you will find all weather.

Grapes in the Palatinate

German Cuisine

You can’t lump German food together. It is as diverse as Germany herself. The hearty Bavarian cuisine is more similar to that in Austria. ‘Thüringer Klöße’ (dumplings), ‘Köningsberger Klopse’ (meatballs with white sauce) or ‘Kohlrouladen’ (cabbage rolls) are just a few examples of central German cuisine. And what is being served in northern Germany? Fish is of course high on the list, as is potato salad, kale, turnip and beetroot.

Snack in Bavaria

Did you know...

  • that the most popular attraction in Germany is the Cologne Cathedral?
  • that, measured by the number of club members, fitness is the favourite sport in Germany – not football!
  • that Berlin Zoo is the largest in the world?
  • that Germany is one of the few countries where a jailbreak is not illegal, but also not without consequences?
  • that 10 tonnes of bird droppings fall from the sky every day in Berlin?
  • that more beer is brewed in Dortmund than in Munich?
Cologne Cathedral

Cycling holidays with Eurobike - your advantages

Perfectly organized cycling tours.

For over 30 years, we have been offering first-class quality active vacations as a cycling tour operator. Our quality criteria have been our top priority for many years. We go the 'extra mile' for our guests and take pride in being your reliable point of contact for all things related to cycling vacations. The high percentage of loyal customers confirms our commitment, and we look forward to continuing to create many more eventful cycling memories in the future.

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Cyclists in the Alpine region of Bavaria

Comprehensive guidance from our travel specialists.

In Eurobike cycling vacations, you'll experience that extra level of service and comfort. From start to finish, our Eurobike travel specialists plan and organize your active vacation, giving you even more time to enjoy your active getaway. During your cycling tour, you can focus worry-free on the truly important things: the joy of cycling with your loved ones.

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Team Eurobike & Eurohike

Well-prepared travel information and route descriptions.

All guests receive a comprehensive information package with detailed cycling maps and travel documents including tips and information on culture, cuisine, country and people - tailored to the respective region and requirements of the individual cycling tour. Every year, we review the route meticulously, and continually develop new variations that provide even more insights into the land and culture.

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Travel documents

Accommodations with feel-good factor

After a wonderful day of cycling, you will be welcomed in our carefully selected accommodations in the evening. We choose our accommodations with care and consideration, always with a focus on their special orientation towards active vacationers and opportunities for evening relaxation. You'll experience that extra level of comfort on our charming cycling tours, where you can enjoy even more feel-good facilities and an added touch of indulgence.

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Hotel Goldener Stern in Kaltern

Reliable luggage transfer.

With us, you'll enjoy the most comfortable form of active vacation. Eurobike transports your luggage to the next accommodation every day. Leave the hotel in the morning with ease, and by evening, your bags will already be waiting at the next lodging. Experience a completely carefree cycling adventure across Europe with our luggage transfer!

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Suitcase drop-off at Hotel Fuschl

Personal on-site support

Our Eurobike original tours are characterized above all by the personal touch for which we have been known for many years. For our original tours, you will be personally welcomed by our team members at the arrival destination. In an informational meeting, all details about the tour and the itinerary will be explained. Our on-site team is also available for tips and recommendations.

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Eurobike info talk

Exploring the most beautiful routes with our on Tour app.

We invest a lot of time and effort in crafting our routes and meticulously review them regularly. Thanks to the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app, navigating the most beautiful cycling routes in Europe becomes child's play, ensuring you don't miss any of the highlights along the way.

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