Cycling in Albania

Albania has a landmass slightly smaller than that of Belgium. The Eastern half of Albania is mountainous, whereas in Western Albania there are vast plains that stretch up into the North West all the way to the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The coastline has a length of about 370 kilometres and is renowned for its wide sandy and pebble beaches, which invite you for a cycle tour with swimming and sunbathing because of the mild temperatures from the start of Spring to the end of Autumn.

Cycling holiday in a unique environment

Amazing weather is guaranteed because of the little amount of cloud that Albania gets. Even to this day Albania still has lots of untouched scenery where wild orange, lemon and walnut trees grow and where many rare animal species take refuge. As well as wolves, lynx and wild goats there are also over 350 different species of birds that can be found here. Furthermore, there are rare turtles that are indigineous to Albania's waters. Sometimes the terrain can make cycling challenging in Albania but the spectacular nature and the unique scenery more than compensates the hard work.  

A circular bike trip in Albania 

Eurobike is one of the few companies offering a cycling holiday in Albania. It takes you in one large circle around Albania’s most diverse areas. Both the start and the finish is the capital, Tirana. From there the tour heads into the East of the country near the Macedonian border characterised by mountains. En route you follow the shores of Lake Ohridsees, which is fed by numerous mountain springs and is located at an altitude of about 700 metres. You cycle through picturesque villages and get stunning panoramic views of unspoilt scenery. Then you go across the high-altitude plateau of Korca to the antique sights such as the town of Butrint and the Apollonia ruins. Along the way you cross several passes with an altitude of up to 1000 metres. For ascents which are too steep for you, you have the easy option of a bus ride instead, which means the route is also suitable for cyclists with an average level of fitness. The final reward however is the view of Sarander-Bay, which is situated opposite the Greek island of Corfu. After completing this breathtaking tour, you will have memories of it lingering with you for a long time.

Eurobike has specialised in your unforgettable, perfectly organised cycling holiday

To plan a perfect cycling holiday requires intensive preparation, extensive knowledge of the holiday destination, local knowledge and perfect organisation – requirements which we at Eurobike have developed with our long-standing experience and our intensive contact with our customers and associates. We are familiar with the special situation of a cycling holiday and organise suitable accommodation, transfers over unsuitable sections of the route and of course the luggage transport. For group tours we provide our clients with a professional tour guide and for self-guided tours we offer extensive support via local representatives and permanent contact via our hotline. For each stage of the tour you receive comprehensive maps and information which allow you to easily find the way and immerse yourself deeply into the culture and the attractions of your host country.

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