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fantastic conditions throughout the year

According to legend, even Greek gods were fans of Cyprus. The third largest island within the Mediterranean is called 'Aphrodite’s Island’ for a good reason. As legend has it the beautiful goddess of love alledgedly arose naked from a seashell which was washed ashore during a storm.

Breaking of waves

If there is any truth in this legend then it is just as likely that Aphrodite cast her sweet spell over the entire island. This is at least the impression that quite a lot of visitors get who experience the sky blue sea and the unique scenery here for the very first time. However Cyprus has much more to offer than millenium-old lores – for instance a whole range of extraordinary and unique cultural monuments, which go back a long time in history. Quite a few of them have been declared UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites decades ago and have survived very well – thanks to the mild, dry and pleasant climate.

Sun and crystal blue sea, even warm enough to swim in during the middle of winter

When the rain beats down on the other Mediterranean islands and along the Spanish and Greek coast, the sun is still shining over Cyprus. Responsible for this mild climate is the special location and its proximity to the African coast. Every year huge high pressure areas develop over Siberia and the Sahara desert, in which the cool and damp Atlantic air protrudes. Towards Cyprus however warm and dry air originating from the North African veldts and desert areas flows, which creates constant moderate temperatures for the country with little rainfall. Only in the summer months it can become unbearably hot – that is why we at Eurobike recommend a visit during the other three seasons. Citrus fruit and delicious wines thrive here all year round and have already been cultivated for donkey's years. However, away from the plantations the light breeze flows through romantic olive groves, little forests consisting of eucalyptus, juniper and pine and that are laced with wild herbs.

Cyprus offers scenery and villages just like from a distant dream

Along your holiday Eurobike leads you along the coast of the North Eastern Karpas peninsula through breathtaking scenery and historic settlements. Their origins can be traced back more than 10,000 years, with beginnings as early as the Bronze Age. Various civilizations have since left traces on the island with their buildings and traditions. For instance, discover Famagusta's exciting town centre. It has a city wall that is more than 3.5 km in length and that is preserved in its original condition dating back to the 16th century. Here Gothic churches with Venetian fortresses alternate with Ottoman mosques. Just like most of the route, the beach is never more than a few steps away and invites you for a swim – water temperatures here are one of the highest in the entire Mediterranean and vary all year round beween a comfortable range of 17 to 28 degrees.

Eurobike offers you a relaxing cycling holiday instead of a journey into the unknown

With Eurobike a holiday is always guaranteed time for wellness and comfort. We emphasize that just like all our clients you get to enjoy your cycling holiday in a way you have always dreamed of. This means we strive to free you from everyday life and pesky obligations. We reliably take care of your luggage, your accommodation, pick the most stunning and attractive routes and organise everything necessary, so you can immerse yourself completely in your cycling holiday and enjoy every evening once you arrive at each destination. Of course we provide maps and useful detailed information, insider tips and recommendations. Our experiences and highly-trained staff are happy to help if you have any queries. This can be from when you start to choose your holiday, booking it and whilst you are on it. You can always reach us during any cycling holiday via our hotline if you have any questions, suggenstions or problems. 

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