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Our Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour App

The Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app is your constant companion during your next Eurobike Original bike tour! This makes orientation easy as pie: one glance at your smartphone is enough to keep you safe and carefree on the road. In addition, you will also find all the information from the route book digitally in the app, also offline, at any time on your smartphone or tablet - a real, digital travel guide! The app is available completely free of charge and works on all commercially available smartphones (both Android and iPhone). You will automatically receive the access data for downloading the booked trip with your travel documents before the start of your trip.

Using our digital travel guide is very simple:

  1. Search for and download the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app on Google Play or in the AppStore.
  2. After opening the app, select the tour operator Eurobike and enter the download code you received with your travel documents.
  3. Off you go!
Three travelers look into the Eurobike Aoo

Download Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-App

For your Android-Smartphone

For your Apple iPhone

What is the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app able to do?

  • The Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app is available for Android and iPhone, free of charge and without advertising.

  • The Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app can be used offline. We recommend downloading the required data at home or in the hotel wifi.

  • The Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app is intuitive: all information and routes are easy to find without any training.

  • The Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app always shows you the way with real-time navigation: turn-by-turn directions are shown on the display and can also be used via voice output. This eliminates uncertainties during your journey.

  • The Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app always shows your current position: so you can see directly and at any time whether you are on the right track! If you should nevertheless leave the route, you will be warned by an alert signal.

  • The Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app shows you the entire route of the selected day's stage with just a few clicks - including altitude, distance covered and remaining distance.

  • The Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app shows you the entire route with just a few clicks, including points of interest along the way (sights and more) or, if you wish, just the selected day's stage.

  • The Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app is a guaranteed and easy way to navigate you through your active holidays!


The app for the route worked particularly well and is very easy to use. Well done!

Sabrina Eberhart

Thanks to the app with SatNav we found everything without issue. All in all - a super week!

Uta Hueber

Excellent app for route guidance

Vanessa Faerber

Navigation was easy because of the App and we were able to cycle the daily stages without detours.

Jörg Wechsler

Quick guide for the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-App

Do you need detailed instructions on how to use the app, or do you simply want to have a closer look at the individual functions? Click here to download the quick start guide for our Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-App.

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