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Brief information on the popular cycle path on the Ruhr

The 240km-long Ruhr Valley Cycle Path runs mainly along the river. For the most part, you drive on uniformly signposted cycle and farm tracks that are separate from car traffic. The Ruhr cycle path is by no means lacking in infrastructure: the numerous passages through the town allow for plenty of options for sightseeing.

Our most popular cycle tours in the Ruhr Valley

Winterberg – Duisburg

One of the most varied rivers in Germany is the perfect backdrop for our cycle tour from Winterberg to Duisburg. Cycle through the beautiful Ruhr Valley, enjoy the calm natural landscape and experience great stage locations such as Neheim, Hattingen, Kettwig and of course Duisburg.

Course of the Ruhr

The source of the Ruhr

The Ruhr has its origin in the Sauerland, which is also known as the ‘Land of a Thousand Mountains’. The source of the river, which flows at around 2500 litres per hour, is located directly in the Sauerland-Rothaargebirge nature park.

Elevation profile

The source of the Ruhr is at an altitude of 660m and the mouth of the river to the Rhine is about 20m above sea level. For those who like a hillier tour, the first stages of the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path are certainly the most appealing. There are some inclines to overcome, especially on the first 35 kilometres of the route. The course is then very flat and invites you to take a leisurely bike ride.

Length of the Ruhr

With a length of 250km, the Ruhr is the sixth largest tributary east of the Rhine. The largest cities along the Ruhr are Winterberg, Bestwig, Arnsberg, Frödenberg, Witten, Essen and Duisburg.

Cycling on the north or south bank of the Ruhr

The Ruhr Valley Cycle Path runs on both the north and south banks of the Ruhr. Again and again you cross the bridges of the Ruhr so that you don’t miss the most beautiful stages of the cycle path.

Hight profile

Questions and answers about the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path

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The Ruhr Valley Cycle Path starts at the station in Winterberg and ends in Duisburg.

The Ruhr Valley Cycle Path is 240 kilometres long in total.

The ideal time to travel the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path is between March and October. However, especially in March and April it can still be a bit nippy in the Sauerland, so we recommend packing enough and warmer clothing.

The Ruhr Valley Cycle Path is classified as a medium tour. This means that fun and enjoyment are in the foreground and is suitable for beginners with a good basic level of fitness.

On the daily stages of our cycle tours along the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path, you cover between 30 - 50 cycle kilometres per day.

On our cycle tours along the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path, you will stay in cosy and comfortable middle-class hotels.

The cycle tour from Winterberg to Duisburg has several highlights to offer. The harbour tour in Duisburg is definitely a special experience. Let yourself be sailed through the largest inland harbour in the world and then enjoy a cosy evening in the numerous harbour pubs. On the way there you will get to know the source of the Ruhr north-east of Winterberg, the historic mustard mill in the Hanseatic town of Schwerte and the industrial museum Zeche Nachtigall in Witten.

The most beautiful towns on the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path

In addition to the unmistakable landscapes, mountains and forests of the Sauerland, the Ruhr also meanders through various small towns that are characterised by industrial monuments and timbered houses. There are also numerous castles and museums. It definitely won’t get boring on the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path!


As an original ironworks, Duisburg-Nord is one of the most important industrial monuments in Europe. Experience cultural highlights in a unique setting and enjoy the view from the blast furnace. A visit to the Dellviertel is an absolute ‘must’ in Duisburg. With its many avenues and small alleys, the trendy district invites you to stroll, stop and linger. If you still have time, a visit to the Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park should not be missed. The industrial culture in the Ruhr area is reflected in the disused ironworks. Admission is free and there are many leisure activities available, among other things.


From the neighbouring towns, the inhabitants of Winterberg are affectionately known as ‘Aggerfriäter’ (egg eaters). Why? Their traditional bacon pancakes and eggs are known beyond the city walls. In addition to the culinary delicacies, Winterberg also offers numerous sights, for example the St. George Schanze or the Panorama Adventure Bridge.


There is also a lot to see in Bestwig: from the Ramsbeck mine, which offers a visit to the exhibition and a trip to the ore mine, to various castles and half-timbered house – there is really something for everyone!


In addition to the culturally rich Arnsberg Castle, there is also the Sauerland Museum, which only reopened its doors in September 2018 after years of renovation. The picturesque old town can also be admired in Arnsberg. Stroll through the city’s squares and parks in the evening and enjoy the picturesque views.


In Fröndenberg the Westphalian chain forge museum is located in the former Himmelmann paper mill. Fröndenberg also has two outdoor pools on offer. There is also Schwerter Senfmühle on the way to Witten, which offers informative tours as well as various types of mustard for tasting.


Which almost 600 years of tradition, the ‘Zwiebelkirmes’ takes place in Witten every year. And the Herbeder Oktoberfest is held every year. Apart from that, one can marvel at the industrial museum ‘Zeche Nachtigall’ all year round, of course!


Here you have the opportunity to marvel at the oldest blast furnace in the Ruhr area. In addition, a pilot project for the whole of Germany was started with RS1 – the Ruhr rapid cycle route. The first section between Essen and Müllheim an der Ruhr has already been completed. So get going!

Ruhr Valley Cycle Path Map

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