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Our bicycles and electro bicycles


A bicycle of prime quality is most important for a successful cycling holiday. Therefore we use solid quality for all components and in the production, on basis of proven and tested quality. That way we are able to guarantee best comfort and safeness on roads and bike paths. 

Our bicycles

Our bikes manufactured by KTM contain long lasting experience and permanent development, always with focus on wishes and requests of our guests. All our long year experience and constant development cumulate into a solid, easy wheeling and sturdy trekking bike which can be recommended to every guest with good conscience. Modern V-breaks, aluminium-rims, and almost indestructible tires ensure high duration. The heart of each bicycle is a modern, high-resistant aluminium frame. Traffic safety is guaranteed by lighting system, carrier, mudguard and comfortable saddle. 

Eurobike unisex rental bike with 21 gears

Frame sizes

Eurobike offers best maintained 28-inich quality bikes. The following frame sizes are available at our own tours:

Unisex bike 21/24-gears with free wheel

With this high quality touring bike, you are well-equipped for all our tours.

Sizes: 56 / 51 / 46 / 43 cm (body height approx. 148cm – 190cm)

Eurobike unisex rental bike with 21 gears

Unisex-bike 7-gears with back-pedalling brake

For all those guests who prefer a back-pedalling brake at the rear wheel.

Sizes: 56 / 51 / 46 cm (body height approx. 155cm – 190cm)

Eurobike unisex rental bike with 7 gears

Men’s bike 21-gears with free wheel and crossbar

The rental bike with the classic men's frame

Sizes: 63 / 60 / 56-51 "slopping" cm (body height approx. 165cm – 205cm)

Note: A reservation is absolute necessary!

Eurobike Men's Rental Bike with 21 gears

Our Rental Bike PLUS

The PLUS in features, comfort and flexibility for the perfect cycle tour

With our Rental Bike PLUS by KTM, with free wheel, we can offer guests on numerous Eurobike original tours and additional rental option. The ‘plus’ is noticeable on many parts of the bike. From the saddle to the breaks and gears we can offer even higher quality (for example even more precise brakes and shifting). Rental Bike PLUS allows for a slightly sportier sitting posture, finely graduated gears offer the highest flexibility and a high-quality Suntour suspension fork provides the best possible comfort across all surfaces. Of course, all our accessories are also available on Rental Bike PLUS.

Sizes: 63 / 60 / 55 / 51 / 50 / 46 cm (body height approx. 155cm – 205cm)

Note: only limited bikes available

Eurobike Rental Bike PLUS

Our electro bike is a Pedelec!

A Pedelec is an electro bike which assists with electric support only when pedalling. All Eurobike bikes therefore are high quality Pedelecs! Composed on basis of KTM- and VELO DE VILLE-bikes, adequate for our missions. The bike is easy to handle as you have a good weight distribution and a low balance point. Overall weight amounts to approx. 23 kg.

An illuminated LCD display, a cyclometer and a wattage display add to the comfort. You cycle with 28 inch-bikes, four different modes and an 8-speed internal gear hub guarantee a maximum fun of cycling.

You receive the same equipment as for our trekking bikes! Even more demanding journeys can be cycled effortlessly.

Children’s bikes and more

Eurobike also offers children of all ages the right equipment for an all-round successful cycle tour. Depending on the size, we have children’s bikes, tag-alongs or child trailers for the kids.

Our children's equipment

And of course, we also have a generous range of children’s equipment. In addition to our children’s bikes with 12, 18 or 24 gears in sizes 20, 24 or 26 inches, our little guests can also choose between a child trailer, a tag-along, a follow-me or a child seat. Of course, everything is of the best quality, so that your children arrive safely at the stage destination and have fun cycling.

Eurobike children's rental bike 24"

High quality equipment

Saddles from Selle Royal

The production of saddles takes place according to strict criteria in the matter of quality, functionality as well as a high level of environmental safety. The use of high class materials provides a high level of safety and bike fun. Just for bike saddles the comfort attaches great importance. Of course you can also bring your own saddle incl. adapter with you (diameter of seat post 27,2 mm). Naturally we help you with the fitting on spot. 


Gear change from Shimano

Our 7-gears-bikes are equipped with Shimano NEXUS gear hub. Gears can be changed anytime – during standstill as well as during cycling. 
Our 21/24-gears-bikes are equipped with Shimano ALIVIO/ACERA derailleur. It excuses mistakes, is robust and easy to handle. The Rental Bike PLUS is equipped with the proven DEORE/XT or the new CUES derailleur.


To have complete equipment you need adequate material – ideal edited onto our bikes and especially robust and solid, from well-known manufacturers of high quality:

  • Saddle bag (water-repellent)
  • Handlebar bag (water-repellent)
  • Service-Set with tools and extra bicycle tube
  • Pump
  • Combination lock
Eurobike accessory set

Roadside Assistance

Eurobike bicycles are all fitted with highly puncture-resistant tyres. If you were however to get a puncture, you could fix it yourself straight away by using the puncture repair kit or the spare inner tube that you receive at the start of your tour from us. If the damage were to be bigger than that, then you can simply call us and we strive to make sure that we fix your bike or provide a replacement bicycle as quickly as possible. This bike maintenance is included in the cost of your bike rental!


Rental Bike Insurance

As with all tours that are carried out by the Eurofun-group business, insurance against theft and damage for the rental bikes is most times included in the rental price! Therefore, if you were to have a problem, we make sure that we get a replacement as quickly as possible to you to prevent any further inconvenience. Obviously, any careless or mischievious behaviour is exempt from this. For your private bike, we recommend taking out bicycle insurance!

The rental bikes described are used on all Eurobike original tours. On tours with our partners, bikes with other gear ratios, frame sizes and, in the case of electric bikes, other drive systems are sometimes offered. The accessories may also differ from those described.

Why should you book a rental bike? Your advantages:

  • You use a smooth-running bike specially adapted to our tours with puncture-proof tyres.
  • Each of our rental bikes is serviced and thoroughly checked before every trip.
  • Our "roadside assistance and emergency service" during the tour.
  • Convenient and cost-saving arrival and departure, no additional transport effort for the return transfer.
  • The ideal opportunity to intensively test and get to know an electric bike before a possible purchase.
Eurobike Saddlebags
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