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Short info about the popular Alpe-Adria cycle path - with Video

From the historic city of Salzburg, the famous cycle path leads through the Salzach and Gastein valley to Carinthia, then onto the Austrian-Italian border and on through enchanting cities like Taravisio and Udine until ending in Grado, on the Italian Adriatic. Altogether, the whole route covers about 410 kilometres by bike. All in all, you can proudly look back on about 2400 vertical metres, which is cycled uphill and about 2800 metres of downhill.  But of course, you don’t have to pack the whole 410 kilometres into one journey. Of course, Eurobike has a tour for every performance level and taste.

Cyclist at the Alpe-Adria cycle path

The most beautiful stages and cycle tours on the Alpe-Adria cycle path

Salzburg – Villach

The first part of the famous Alpe-Adria cycle path starts in the city of Mozart, Salzburg. Cycle through the beautiful valleys of the province of Salzburg to Carinthia, where you can end the tour in the charming town of Villach.

Villach – Grado

From sunny Carinthia we finally cross the border into Italy. Marvel at the wonderful views on your way to the Italian Adriatic and enjoy the light sea air that fills your lungs

Salzburg – Grado

Do you want to be able to say you cycled from the Salzburg Alps to the Italian Adriatic? And in just a week? Or do you want to take it easy? No problem. Our brand-new cycle tour from Salzburg to Grado leaves nothing to be desired.

Villach – Grado – Trieste

Of course, our well- trodden classic on the Alpe-Adria cycle path can’t be forgotten. Enjoy sunny hours and the Italian zest for life. Because with each turn of the wheel things get a little more Italian

Salzburg - Grado with Charm

You want to combine active travel and luxury on holiday? Nothing could be easier. We at Eurobike have found the most comfortable and elegant way for you to enjoy the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path on two wheels. Let the balmy wind blow around your face and be spoiled in the evenings in our charm hotels!

Alpe-Adria Based in One Hotel

We think that the most beautiful cycle paths in Carinthia start in sunny Villach. A good reason to choose this sunny city as the location for the Alpe-Adria tour. Let the Mediterranean flair of the city and its surroundings put you in the holiday mood and enjoy exercise in Carinthia's beautiful natural landscape

Family cycle tours on the Alpe-adria Cycle Path

Alpe Adria Cycle Path I for Families Salzburg - Villach

Cycle together with your whole family along the first section of the popular Alpe Adria Cycle Path from Salzburg to Villach. Start in the city of Mozart and discover Austria's beautiful natural and cultural diversity along the way.

Alpe Adria Cycle Route II for Families Villach - Grado

Following on from the first family tour on the Alpe Adria Cycle Path, our second journey starts from Villach to Grado. The cross-border cycle tour for young and old leads from Austria's sunniest province to the refreshing Adriatic Sea in Italy.

The course of the Alpe-Adria cycle path

From the mighty mountains to the cool sea

The famous Alpe- Adria cycle path starts in Salzburg, Austria. From the capital of Salzburg, it then travels through the Salzach Valley and the Gastein Valley towards Carinthia. Spital an der Drau, Villach and the southern Arnoldstein are just a few of the stages you pass on the way to the Italian Adriatic. The route will eventually take you through famous Italian cities such as Tarvisio and Udine to Grado. Look forward to the incomparable landscapes, picturesque villages and beautiful cycle paths.

Elevation profile

Alpe-Adria cycle path elevation profile

The most beautiful towns along the Alpe-Adria cycle path

The Mozart city of Salzburg

The home of the greatest musician of all time has so much to offer visitors: visit the Hohensalzburg Fortress, stroll through the historic Getreidegasse, enjoy the sun on a park bench in the flowery Mirabell Gardens and taste the fluffy Salzburg Nockerln. A little tip: you can’t go wrong with an extra night in the city!

Villach – the charming city on the Drava

It’s not only because of the famous carnival that you will know this city. The sunny city of Villach is known to every visitor to Austria. Perfectly nestled in the middle of the beautiful lakes of Kärnten, Villach is a popular holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. Hikers, winter sports enthusiasts and of course us cyclists all love to stay in Carinthia’s second largest city.  Oh, and don’t forget to try the famous Carinthian Kasnudeln!

Udine – the heart of Friuli

Probably the most important city economically, and the second largest city of the Italian region Friuli is called Udine. Until spring of 2018, Udine was even the capital of the province. The typical Italian charm, the numerous historical and cultural sights and its beautiful cityscape make Udine a northern Italian pearl that is worth visiting.

The sunshine island of Grado

The charming town of Grado is located on an idyllic island, which is a very popular holiday destination, especially in summer. However, Grado is not only attractive to families looking for bathing fun. We cyclists too have already discovered the golden island. With the beautiful old town, small restaurants and typical shops Grado is a worthy destination on the Alpe-Adria cycle path.

Trieste – the birthplace of Italian coffee

But stop! We almost forgot an important city. But only almost, because the fantastic city of Triese is hard to miss. The bustling port city whose architecture is strongly influenced by the K.u.K. Monarchy, impresses with its history, charm and multicultural cuisine.

Trieste on the hiking tour Alpe Adria Trail

Did you know…

  • …that the most famous son of Salzburg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was only 150cm tall?
  • …that almost twice as much coffee is drunk in Trieste than in the rest of Italy? Much of the Italian coffee comes ashore in the port of Triest. That’s why a very special coffee culture has developed here.

  • … dass der berühmteste Sohn Salzburgs, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, nur 158 cm groß war?
  • … dass in Triest beinahe doppelt soviel Kaffee getrunken wird, als im Rest Italiens? Ein Großteil des italienischen Kaffees kommt im Hafen von Triest an Land. Deshalb hat sich hier eine ganz spezielle Kaffeekultur entwickelt.

Questions and Answers about the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path

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The Alpe-Adria cycle path starts in the city of Salzburg. The cycle path leads through the beautiful Salzburger Land via Villach to Grado in Italy.

The Alpe-Adria cycle path is 410 kilometres long in total.

The ideal travel time for a cycle tour along the Alpe-Adria cycle path is from mid-April to October.

The Alpe-Adria cycle path is assigned to the medium tour character. On these cycle tours, you mostly cycle on paved and well-maintained side roads. The focus here is on enjoyment and comfort.

A total of 2400 metres in altitude await you along the entire Alpe-Adria cycle path. Since you often only cycle certain stages of it on our cycle holidays, this varies from tour to tour.

Along our cycle holidays on the Alpe-Adria cycle path you stay overnight in comfortable hotels and accommodations.

There are plenty of highlights when cycling on the Alpe-Adria cycle path. If you cycle from Salzburg to Grado, you start in the beautiful Mozart city of Salzburg, where numerous sights such as the cathedral, the fortress and the charming historic centre await you. On the Charm holiday, also from Salzburg to Grado, you stop over in Spittal on the river Drau and visit the impressive fairytale-like Renaissance castle of Porcia.

On our cycle holiday Villach – Grado – Trieste you can look forward to the beautiful port city of Trieste and the cultural diversity in Tarvisio.

Travel stories about the Alpe Adria Cycle Path

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