Cycling holidays in Greece

Traditionally Greece is considered as one of the most popular destinations for beach holidays or for visiting antique sights and sites. However in the last few years it has also developed into an – as yet insider tip – for cycling holidays with it gradually becoming more and more popular.

The low famosity may partly be due to the fact that up until now the bicycle has generally taken a back seat in this small country, which is blessed with countless islands and a long coastline. Despite this the truth is that in certain areas excellent conditions for a cycling holiday have developed. Compared to most European countries car traffic is very light and  most roads are in good conditions. Another reason for these conditions can be attributed to the relatively low density of population: while in Germany approx.  230 people live on one square kilometre, in Greece it is just about 83. The climate is moderate and Mediterranean with rare rainfall during the summer months as rain is mainly concentrated in the mild but damp winter months.

Between antique ruins, modern architecture and a breathtaking scenery

Despite Greece’s location directly by the Mediterranean Sea, lots of it is characterised by a hilly landscape – overall three quaters of the national area is considered mountainous with only very few extensive plains. Because of that you can never completely avoid ascents, although at Eurobike we try and minimize them as much as possible by starting each daily stage if possible in areas higher up. That way you get to descend leisurely over longer stretches into the valley – some interruptions and ascents however can not entirely be ruled out. For sections like that a good basic fitness level is sufficient, meaning that our route through the Peloponnese is surely not exclusively geared to ambitious amateur sportsmen and women. En route you experience the diversity and fascinating backdrop of the Greek natural world. The route leads you through fruit plantations and vineyards, past the dripstone cave of Kapsia and through olive groves. Along the way you visit medieval monasteries and antique monuments such as the old fortification of Mykene with its "Lion Gate“ or the amphitheatre of Epidauros. 

Unique tours with the perfect service of Eurobike

Due to our long-standing experience and close contact with our clients and local partners Eurobike represents relaxing, carefree holidays without fuss or quibble. A blithe vacation for us means not only taking care of your luggage but also relieve you of all other formalities. Eurobike allows you to totally focus only on the pleasant aspects of your holiday. Hence our services include amongst others a bespoke and constantly revised route design, transfers, luggage transport and booking of selected accommodations. Due to a continuous quality control of our associates we ensure there are no negative surprises for you in store. With each stage of the tour we provide you with maps and information on sights and are always easily available to you via our hotline.

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