Cycle tours in Greece

Greece is traditionally one of the most popular destinations for beach holidays or for visiting ancient sights. In recent years, however, it has also developed into a - still insider tip – spot for cycling holidays, which is finding more and more followers.


Note: We currently do not offer any cycling tours in Greece. How about a cycling holiday in Cyprus or a cycling holiday in Portugal instead?

Top conditions for cycle tours

The low profile may be due in large part to the fact that cycling in general plays a rather low role in Greece. This is completely irrespective of the fact that excellent conditions for cycle tours have developed here. Car traffic is very low compared to most European countries, but the roads are in good condition in large parts. One reason for these conditions is also the relatively low population density: While in Germany around 230 people live on one square kilometre, in Greece there are just over 83.

Cycle tour through the Peloponnese

Hilly landscape in Peloponnese

Despite its location directly on the Mediterranean Sea, Greece is characterised by a hilly landscape - in total, more than three quarters of the national territory is considered mountainous, while there are very few extensive plains. For this reason, climbs cannot be completely avoided, although we at Eurobike largely minimise them by starting our daily routes in higher sections where possible. This way you can roll downhill for longer stretches at a leisurely pace - but individual interruptions and climbs cannot be completely ruled out. For these sections, a good basic level of fitness is usually completely sufficient, so our ride through the Peloponnese is certainly not aimed exclusively at ambitious amateur athletes.

Useful information about your cycle tour in Greece.

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The climate in Greece

The climate in Greece is temperate and Mediterranean. The summer is very dry and, with an average temperature of 28 degrees, also very warm. During your cycle tour, however, you can always cool off in the pleasantly fresh Mediterranean Sea. With about 300 days of sunshine a year, the precipitation rate in Greece is also very low. Rain is therefore rare, especially in the summer months, and falls mainly in the mild but humid winter months.

Ouzo in Greece

Greek cuisine

Who doesn't know gyros with tzatziki? The typical Greek dish is also known and very popular beyond the borders. But be careful, the Greeks don't skimp on garlic. We would bring some chewing gum! The Greeks, on the other hand, prefer high-proof alcohol and drink the well-known liquor ouzo. In restaurants in particular, it is usually customary to be served an ouzo after the meal. In this sense, cheers. Otherwise, the Greeks still love their yoghurt, sheep's cheese moussaka, souvlaki and fish dishes.

Did you know...

  • ...that over 3,000 islands belong to Greece?
  • ...that there are over 20 winter ski resorts in Crete?
  • ...that the official name is not Greece but the Hellenic Republic?
  • ...that the blue paint on the roof domes is supposed to drive away evil spirits?
  • ...that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra was Greek?
  • ...that the Olympic Games originated in Greece?
  • ...that only men are allowed to enter the holy mountain Athos?
  • ...that in Greece your name day is usually celebrated more than your birthday?

Perfectly organised cycling holidays in Greece

Thanks to our long experience and close contact with our clients and local partners, Eurobike stands for relaxed, carefree holidays without any ifs and buts. For us, a carefree holiday means not only taking your luggage off your hands, but also all the other formalities. With Eurobike, you should be able to devote all your time to the pleasant aspects of your holiday. Our services therefore include, among others, tailor-made and constantly improved route planning, transfers, luggage transport and the booking of selected accommodation. Through constant quality control of our partners, we guarantee that you will not experience any negative surprises. We provide you with maps and information on places of interest for every section of the route and can be easily reached by you via our hotline in any situation.

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