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Level of Cycling

The cycle tours are mainly on well-maintained, well-signposted and flat cycle paths without motorised traffic. The distance of a day's stage of this difficulty level is about 40-50 kilometres. To make your holiday even more comfortable, we also offer e-bikes as rental bikes on our Original Tours. Our daily luggage transport provides additional relaxation on the bike. Our on-site team member will take care of your luggage so that you can cycle to your next destination without anything holding you back.

Who are the "easy" cycle tours for?

This cycle tours with the level of cycling "easy" are ideal for:

  • Beginners and newcomers
  • Cyclists returning after injuries
  • Cyclists for whom relaxation and recreation come first
  • Families with children

Note: Please note that even at this level of difficulty there may be occasional inclines. However, you can push the bike at any time.

Overview of "easy" cycling tours

Eurbike currently offers a total of 152 cycle tours with this level of difficulty. The offer ranges from Austria to Germany, Italy and France. Whether you like to cycle by the water, combine cycling and culture, or you are traveling alone, at Eurobike you are guaranteed to find the perfect cycling trip. Thanks to our tour character filter option, we make your trip search easier and you will only receive tours with the desired level of difficulty.

More levels of difficulty

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