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Personal on-site support – the plus in service

Our Eurobike Original Tours are primarily characterised by the personal touch we are well known for. On (almost) all of our Eurobike Original Tours you will be greeted in your arrival destination by a friendly face from our team. Our on-site employee will explain the tour and its course to you in a personal information meeting, draw your attention to special features and be available to answer your questions in order to clear up any ambiguities. If a personal information meeting is not possible, you can always reach our staff in our head office via the service hotline.

Our tip: The information meeting is the opportunity to find out insider tips, restaurant recommendations and special features about the country and its people! Just ask away!

Handover of the rental bikes and bike adaptation

In most cases, our perfectly maintained rental bikes and the associated equipment will be handed over to you personally on the day of arrival. The service also includes adjustment of the bikes to your body size. Take the opportunity to do a short test lap to see whether you can handle your bike. Should any questions arise, or if you notice small problems, these can be answered or rectified immediately. So nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable week of cycling and if something goes wrong you can contact the on-site employee. They will either be able to help you over the phone or, of course, will come to you personally in an emergency.

Eurobike Rental Bike PLUS

Our service hotline for questions, problems and emergencies

If you have urgent questions or an emergency, a supervisor is always at hand. We can quickly provide a solution and clarification, as well as provide necessary equipment. We react immediately through our employees in the office or the on-site supervisor. Because with us you won’t get ‘stuck’ in a call centre far away.

Team photo Eurobike travel specialists

Our luggage service – punctual, safe and reliable

The pleasant thing about our tours is that you only travel with light luggage during the day. You only pack what you really need in your saddlebag and your suitcase travels to the next accommodation. Our staff will pick up your luggage from your hotel in the morning and bring it to your next accommodation by 6pm at the latest. And it doesn’t matter whether you have one item of luggage or five. If the weather is not so good, you are welcome to ask if the transfer vehicle has room for you, because we will be happy to offer you a lift if possible.

Luggage in the Eurobike bus

Our return transfer – practical and uncomplicated

The starting point of the journey cannot always be reached easily by public transport and it is often simply too laborious or too complicated. This is why we also offer our own return transfers on many of our cycle tours. Our employee will pick you up, your luggage and of course your bike from your last accommodation and bring you back to the starting point, from where you can start your own journey home or stay an extra night. During your trip, we receive first-hand travel feedback from you, we can give you recommendations for future cycle tours and, above all, say goodbye to your personally before you start your journey home.

Alexander in front of the Eurobike Bus

Eurobike bike stations

All on-site support is coordinated by the individual bike stations. These are perfectly suited to take care of the nearby bike tours and customers in the best possible way during their vacation. The team there takes care of all tasks - personal welcome, bike rental, luggage transport, travel documents, return transfer and the service phone. All rental bikes are also stored in the large station halls and driven to the individual tours. Our largest and most important stations are located in ObertrumSchärdingBolzanoMajorca and Tuscany.

You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.