On-Site support

Our tour guides – throughout Europe

Our tour guides take care of the daily well being of all guests during their cycle tour. They are your first contact person during your trip, know the country and people inside out and are eager and passionate about making your cycling holiday run as smoothly as possible.

Rocky coast and sea

Personalised care

On (almost) all Eurobike tours you will be greeted personally at your destination and receive many valuable hints and tips for your trip and its organisation. Whether you have questions about the route, or included services such as train tickets, boat trips or any other uncertainties, our employees will provide the answers. Additionally, you will have the chance to discuss the specifics of the route.

Personal handover of rental bikes

You’ll not find our bikes lying in a bike cellar in the hotel for pick up - they are usually handed over personally by our tour guides. So your set of wheels can be adjusted specially for your needs so nothing stands in the way of starting your wonderful week of cycling.

Personal accessibility

For urgent questions, or in case of emergency, a supervisor will be situated in your location and available. We can provide quick solutions and answers, as well as any necessary assistance. We respond directly through our staff in the office, or our on-site supervisor. With us you won’t be put on hold in a call centre thousands of miles away.

Personal luggage transport

On our bike tours, you only need to take your light daypack with you. If possible, we aim to handle the luggage transfers with our own reliable staff and only in exceptional circumstances do we resort to taxi services. This guarantees punctual and careful delivery to your next stop. Your luggage is usually ready for you when you arrive at the hotel so you have time to discover the new accommodation. If you loose your cycling spark, you can usually hitch a ride with our baggage transportation.  

Personal return transfer

The starting point of the journey is not always easy to reach by public transport. Therefore, we also offer return transfers on many cycle tours. During the trip, we will receive your feedback first hand, and can give you recommendations for future cycle tours, and above all say a personal goodbye before you start the journey home.

Robi on the bike
Valerian Höfler
I am looking forward answering your questions about our cycle tours!
Valerian Höfler, Team lead
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