Cycling Holidays in Croatia

Croatia has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world in less than two decades – and quite rightly so.

A romantic house in Poreč

Mild climate and varied landscape

This small country provides excellent holiday conditions all year round with a population of approx. 4.3 million, a coastline stretching across nearly 2000km and islands over a stretch of more than 6000km. Due to the mild Mediterranean climate temperatures never plunge below 0 degrees apart from in the mountains. In summer temperatures rarely go past 30 degrees. These temperatures provide comfortable cycling conditions. To top things off, the country greets visitors with a well developed infrastructure, countless sights and an equally impressive and diverse scenery.

View of Labin

Vineyards along the Adriatic cliff coast

For a cycling holiday there are several suitable regions, all oozing their individual and very unique charm. The countless islands of the Dalmatian coast or also the Kvarner Gulf invite to some island-hopping with extenisive cycling tours along the coast and inland. However if you are not too keen on boats, Istria peninsula on the mainland is a unique opportunity to cycle across the picturesque hilly scenery with extenisve vineyards and idyllic fishing villages. There is more than one spot where you get to enjoy the breathtaking view onto the beaches and cliff coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Particularly impressive are the river estuaries which have in parts carved deeply into the limestone and are often and with good reason compared to the Scandinavian fjords.

The city of Motovun

Historic roots dating back to the early Stone Age

However Croatia not only offers unforgettable highlights regarding the scenery. The long history of population can be traced back to excarvations more than 12000 years ago. This consequently created a just as varied cultural scenery characterised by different influences, combining amongst others Roman, Greek, Germanic and Franconian elements. Medieval town centres with embattled walls are just as part of it as anitque amphitheatres and modern buildings – such as the magnificent buildings of the 20th century dating back to the time of the Cold War – distinctive and part of Croatian architecture. There are several building which are part of the Unseco World Cultural Heritage such as the Euphrasius-basilica in the coastal town of Porec. This architectural diversity is completed by numerous cultural assets dating back to various times in history which allow an informative insight into European politics and culture from the Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea.

Carefree cycling holiday in Croatia

Cycling is a healthy and flexible means of transport, but no-one wants to transport larger loads around on a holiday. That is exactly what we think here at Eurobike of course and hence naturally handle the luggage transport for you every day of your tour. At the time of your booking, we advise you thoroughly about possible destinations, tours and provide you with extensive information and maps for each route. Due to our experience and cooperation with local guides and agencies we at Eurobike are aware of the requirements of each stage. We offer self-guided tours, which complain all your wishes you may have. From luxury accommodations to the idyllic family-run B&B, we organise all your overnight stays and take over the booking and other technicalities. With Eurobike every holiday turns out the way it should: a time for piece and quiet, relaxation and recuperation far away from the pressures of everyday life. With us you can enjoy a cycling holiday stress-free.

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