Cycling holidays in the Baltics

Extensive forests, unspoilt landscapes, the Baltic Sea on one side and vast lakes and a dozen national parks on the other. Throughout the cycle tour Eurobike shows you a region, which is ideal for cycling. The Baltics have an excellent cycling infrastructure in an untouched paradise where the scenery is totally unspoilt to an extent that it is a rare find in Europe.

Dream destination Baltic Countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania  - a cycling paradise in North Eastern Europe

View over Tallinn, Estonia

The Baltics are rather small in comparison with the uninhabited, vast areas of North Eastern Europe. However, in terms of history, culture and economy they are even more significant and for nature enthusiasts, the Baltics are a true feast for the eyes. Our cycling tours in the Baltics lead you very leisurely and without any rush through some of the most beautiful nature parks by the Baltic Sea. In this pleasant, cool climate cycling becomes very relaxing – the mild maritime climate protects the region from extreme temperature fluctuations. There is also no need to worry about too many ascents: the highest peak in the entire Baltic region is just over 300m above sea level and the short ascents of dunes and hills are easy to manage along the cycle paths. Despite pleasantly cool air temperatures the Baltic Sea invites you for a dip. Since the influx of cold water from the arctic is missing, water temperatures in summer amount on average to approximately 17° celsius and can even reach more than 20° celsius near the beach on especially sunny summer days.

Cyclists on river-cycle path

Self-guided cycling tour in the Baltic countries from Tallinn to Vilnius

This self-guided cycle trip in the Baltic States starting in Estonia leads you through several national parks along some of the region's most stunning cycle paths from Tallinn via Riga all the way to Vilnius. You start in the breathtaking lake scenery of Estonia, where you cycle along the shores of lakes including Europe’s fourth largest lake, Lake Peipussee. En route you come across idyllic fishing villages where you can sample local delicacies during your lunch break. Further highlights await such as old palaces, white beaches and a route through the World Cultural Heritage site Courland Spit all the way to Vilnius. Discover Riga’s old part of town, look for the treasure of the Baltic Sea – amber – and visit Gothic castle fortresses!

Buffalos in the lagoon

Carefree cycling holiday – perfectly organised by Eurobike

No rush, no hauling luggage around, no tedious search for the route or an accommodation – we at Eurobike know that holidays are short and every day is precious. Hence we offer an all round perfectly organised cycling holiday and also take all your troubles away during our cycling holidays in the Baltics. Which means you get to enjoy your holiday wholeheartedly. Our daily tours with an average distance of 35 to 40 kilometres are not only suitable for expert cyclists but also for beginners. We have compiled the most stunning cycling tours in the Baltics – longer distances between the stages can be comfortably managed by bus or boat. Our carefully selected accommodation is tailoured to activity-loving holidaymakers and includes a range of comfortable hotels and characteristic guest houses and inns with appropriate facilities and comfort depending on the region. Have an exceptional cycling holiday in the Baltics with Eurobike!

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