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Crossing the Alps by bike

An unforgettable experience

The Alps are not only a habitat for tens of thousands of animal and plant species, but are also one of the largest contiguous natural areas in Europe. The mountains offer arguably one of the most spectacular backdrops imaginable for an active vacation and thrill with majestic peaks, lush green alpine meadows and rugged cliffs. This creates a unique scenery that hardly leaves anyone untouched.

The sky close enough to touch

Nowhere else are you closer to heaven, the climbs during the bike tour provide wow moments again and again, which you will not forget so quickly. Breathtaking mountain landscapes quickly make the climbs that have to be mastered fade away and the destination gets a little closer with every pedal stroke. The Alps separate northern Europe from the south and offer many varied routes that can be explored by bike.

Alpine crossing on the E5

Brief information about the Alps

They are the pride and joy of the German-speaking area and the most imposing high mountains in Europe – we are of course taking about the Alps, which are 1200km long and 250km wide and stretch across eight countries. In total, what is probably the most famous mountain range in Europe covers an area of around 200,000 square kilometres. And yet, it only ranks 34th in the global ranking of the largest mountains. In some countries the Alps only take up a small part of the national territory – others, such as Austria and Switzerland, consist almost exclusively of the Alpine region. It is therefore not surprising that the Alps are much more important in these countries than in others. The Alps are not only unspoiled land here, but also living space, recreational playgrounds and areas for economic use.

Unforgettable moments, many goosebumps and pure cycling pleasure are the order of the day on a cycling trip across the Alps.

Joscha Koob

Joscha Koob


Our most beautiful cycle tours in the Alps

The Alpe-Adria Cycle Path

One of the best-known routes heading south is the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path, which leads from Salzburg to Grado and further on to Trieste. Here, you will ride on perfectly developed cycle paths to idyllic stage towns, soak up the landscapes and towns and reach the south after just under 400 kilometers of cycling. After your arrival you can be proud of yourself, because you look back on 2,400 meters of altitude that you have mastered uphill. A cycling tour like this in the Alps is something very special. That's why it's especially important to us at Eurobike that you receive the best advice from our travel specialists and find the right tour for you, depending on your cycling type. The right bike is also part of the perfect equipment for your bike tour. E-bikes give you the necessary power on tours through the Alps so that you can concentrate fully on the fragrant meadows, the panorama and the chirping birds.

Two cyclists on Hellbrunner Allee in Salzburg, with the fortress in the background

Salzburg – Villach

From the Mozart city of Salzburg you always cycle with a slight tail wind through a rural idyll that couldn’t be more beautiful. Here Austria is just as one imagines Austria to be. On this tour, it is the beauty of nature that inspires our guests. Imposing mountains, wide valleys and quaint villages make up the character of this cycle tour.

Villach – Grado – Trieste

If you prefer to head south and prefer a mixture of mountains and sea, you should stick to the second part of the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path. From sunny Villach you can get to Bella Italia very quickly and cycle towards the endless ocean.

Villach – Grado

Certainly, some of you will think “I have arrived at the sea! I’d like to stay a few days and relax.” And you are right, because Grado really invites you to linger. After a week on the bike, you can enjoy a few days on the beach.

Salzburg – Grado

To all the sporty cyclists and all those who are looking for a challenge even on holiday – you have found your dream holiday! Cycle the entire Alpe-Adria Cycle Path with Eurobike in just eight days, or alternatively in ten days, enjoy the most beautiful sides of Austria and Italy and at the end of the tour you can be proud, when you can look back at the 360 kilometres you have cycled

Munich – Merano – Lake Garda

The Bavarian metropolis of Munich is the starting point of this cycle tour that takes you across the Alps from Bavaria via Tyrol to the sparkling Lake Garda in beautiful Italy. Bavarian hospitality, the charm of Tyrol and the Italian way of life welcome you on an unforgettable cycle tour through the Alps.

Innsbruck – Bolzano

From the capital of Tyrol to the capital of South Tyrol with the majestic Alps always by your side! On perfectly laid out cycle paths you will become aware of the impressive atmosphere of the rock giants with every turn of the pedal. And don’t forget the wonderful Tyrolean delicacies!

Innsbruck – Verona – Venice

Our popular cycle tour Innsbruck – Verona – Venice promises impressive views, romantic cities, incomparable landscapes and lots of cycling fun. Who hasn’t always wanted to be able to say that they cycled from the Austrian mountains to the Italian Adriatic?

Useful information about cycle tours in the Alps

The climate in the Alps

The weather in the Alps can of course not be lumped together. The climate in the various countries is too different due to their geographical locations. In the northern Alps, which make up most of the mountain range, there is a cooler, central European climate. The southern part of the Alpine region, on the other hand, is influenced by the Mediterranean climate. The mountains are generally an obstacle to the weather. They can cause unrest in the clouds. The weather can change quickly and produce violent storms, rain and thunderstorms. Another peculiarity in the Alpine climate is the foehn, a very warm fall wind that can quickly lead to headaches in sensitive people. In the Alps you should always be prepared for all eventualities, bring good rain gear and pack both short and long clothing in your suitcase.

Dolomites covered with snow

The Alpine cuisine

The so-called Alpine cuisine was, and still is today, characterised by rural life on the alpine pastures and the secluded valleys of the Alps when little food was available to the farmers. Homemade items such as milk, cheese, butter, meat, speck and cereals were put into the pan. Hearty is probably the word that best describes the cuisine. It is a kitchen of the heart and tastes of love and care. Dishes such as the Schlutzkrapfen, Kaiserschmarren, Tyrolean dumplings and Kasnocken have stolen our hearts. Look forward to the incomparable cuisine of the Alpine region!

The cycling destinations in the Alps


The Germany Alps are limited to the state of Bavaria and take up a small part of the national territory. The highest point in the Bavarian Alps is the Zugspitze at 2962 metres. However, Germany shares the mountain with Austria. It is located near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in the south of Bavaria and north of Tyrol.

Cyclists in the Alpine region of Bavaria


Austria is considered to be the Alpine republic par excellence. No wonder, because Austria has the largest share of the Alps with 54,600 km². Around 65% of Austria’s national territory is Alpine and almost a third of all alpine residents live in Austria. The highest mountain in the Austrian Alps, the Großglockner at 3798 metres, is located in the Eastern Alps between Carinthia and East Tyrol.

Radstädter Tauern Chamois


More than 40% of the Swiss national territory consists of the Alps. Therefore, Switzerland is also a country dominated by the Alpine landscape. The Dufourspitze, near the Italian border, is the highest point in Switzerland at 4634 metres. However, this mountain is not completely on Swiss soil, because the summit is only a few hundred metres from the Italian border. That is why the question of the highest mountain in Switzerland is a delicate one.


The north of Italy is also becoming a popular travel destination for mountain-loving cyclists thanks to the presence of the majestic Alps. Especially the Dolomites, which are part of the southern Limestone Alps and offer us a perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable cycle tour. The world-famous Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe, is located on both French and Italian territory. According to the Italians, the state border runs exactly over the summit, so their Monte Bianco would also be the highest mountain in Italy and not only in France. The French, however, see it differently…

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Cyclists in the Alpine region of Bavaria

Comprehensive guidance from our travel specialists.

In Eurobike cycling vacations, you'll experience that extra level of service and comfort. From start to finish, our Eurobike travel specialists plan and organize your active vacation, giving you even more time to enjoy your active getaway. During your cycling tour, you can focus worry-free on the truly important things: the joy of cycling with your loved ones.

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All guests receive a comprehensive information package with detailed cycling maps and travel documents including tips and information on culture, cuisine, country and people - tailored to the respective region and requirements of the individual cycling tour. Every year, we review the route meticulously, and continually develop new variations that provide even more insights into the land and culture.

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