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The most popular wine regions

Experience our cycling & wine tours with all your senses

Vines wherever the eye can see. But it is not only the eye that is spoiled on our cycling & wine tours through the European winegrowing regions, but also all your taste buds. You can taste your way through the diversity of the entire wine range. A real treat! According to expert estimates, there are around 10,000 different grape varieties. Of these, a total of 2,500 wine varieties are officially permitted. If you would like to learn something about the origin and development of wine in addition to a glass or two, you will not be disappointed on our individual cycle tours. Enjoyment, sport and history are in harmony.


Weisswurst and wheat beer in Bavaria, currywurst and beer in Berlin and fish rolls and coffee in Hamburg. Germany is known for its delicious specialities and its beer. But not only!

Because what many people don't know is that Germany also has great wine-growing regions. Last year, in 2020, a total of 851 million litres of wine were produced. A gigantic figure, which will increase again in 2021. The prejudice that Germans only drink beer has thus also been dispelled.


The Palatinate is probably the best-known and most popular wine region in Germany. Located in the south-west of Rhineland-Palatinate, it attracts numerous wine and cycling enthusiasts to Germany every year. Blossoming almond trees and beautiful vineyards offer cyclists an extremely attractive backdrop on their tours. You cycle through vineyards, along the Rhine and discover the small Palatinate towns. Speyer - Heidelberg - Worms, wine tour along the Rhine, Palatinate wine tour basend in one hotel or Rhine & Vineyard with charm?  Which cycling and wine tour appeals to you more? The good thing is that you won't go wrong with any of these tours!


Pasta, Vino, Amore! Everyone loves the "dolce vita" in Italy. And this unique country with all its charm is just a pedal stroke away. If you are now also a great wine lover, Italy is made for you, because it is one of the most important European wine producers. Cultivation and production are shaped by regional conditions and produce millions of litres of top-class wine every year. Simply delicious! Would you like to visit these wine regions and learn more about this grape juice? No problem, beautiful landscapes, picturesque vineyards, green meadows, fragrant cypresses and regional specialities await you on our Eurobike bike & wine tours through Italy.

View of Barolo

South Tyrol

Hiking, cycling, relaxing, eating delicious food and drinking delicious wine is easily possible in our neighbours in South Tyrol. This wine region combines the best characteristics of Austria and Italy and that's why we feel particularly comfortable and at home there. But not only Austrians, but also tourists from all over the world are drawn to South Tyrol thanks to the good wine and the great cycle paths. That's why we offer a wide range of wonderful cycle tours in this wine region. The classic tours are Innsbruck - Bolzano, Bolzano - Venice, Bolzano - Verona and the South Tyrol Tour Based in One Hotel. Discover the Italian vineyards from the saddle of a bicycle.


Although Piedmont is possibly still underestimated, this region has long been considered one of Italy's insider tips by foodies. The intense smells and wonderful tastes will take you straight to the culinary region. Get on your bike and cycle past the rice fields of Vercelli, through the vineyards of the Barolo region and stop at the foot of the Alps to go truffle hunting. Yes, that's right, Piedmont offers all this and many more highlights. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of this region on the Piedmont Round Trip, Centre-based Tour, Leisure and from Turin to San Remo. And what should not be missing on any of these cycle tours is, of course, a delicious glass of wine.


Hardly any other region has as much Italian flair as Tuscany. It impresses with its unique art and cultural treasures, picturesque landscapes and delicious cuisine. Besides Piedmont, Tuscany is the most important and renowned wine-growing region in Italy. Here you can enjoy outstanding wines and the antipasti served with them. All taste buds are stimulated and a bottle of wine goes into the suitcase as a holiday souvenir. On our cycle tours Tuscany Circular Tour, Tour Based in One Hotel, from Pisa to Florence or along the Tuscan coast, you can taste your way through the various delicious types of wine. Have fun!

Tuscany landscape


Land of mountains, land of streams, land of fields and land of Cathedrals. As the first stanza of our national anthem already reveals, Austria is a very diverse country. And we can probably all agree on that. Explore untouched nature on your bike saddle, far away from mass tourism. Austrian cuisine also leaves nothing to be desired. The Wiener Schnitzel, the Salzburg Nockerl, the Tyrolean Gröstl and the Styrian pumpkin seed oil invite you to feast around the clock. And if you like a glass of wine to go with it, you'll also get your money's worth on our cycling & wine tours through Austria.


Styria - the green heart of Austria. The province was given this name because three quarters of its area is characterised by mountain ranges and more than half by woodland. No wonder why many Austrians themselves seek out Styria as a place to relax. The proximity to nature and the delicious food invite you to recharge your batteries. Cyclists also love the attractive scenery for cycle tours along the Mur Cycle Path or through southern Styria. On these cycle tours you cycle in the path of Austrian wine. Especially Southern Styria is perfect for wine lovers as an absolute insider tip. Convince yourself of the wine and the green heart of Austria.

Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl, better known as the Austrian Sea, impresses with its crystal-clear water and idyllic landscape. If you want to explore the lake by bike, you can expect flat cycle paths, friendly hospitality, lots of reeds and beautiful vineyards. Every now and then you might even catch a glimpse of a stork. Pure holiday feeling on Lake Neusiedl. Speaking of vineyards, the home of the king of winegrowers is world-famous for its delicious wines. On the Neusiedlersee Tour Based in One Hotel you can taste some drops for yourself along the wine and culture cycle path. However, if you are also interested in our neighbouring countries Hungary and Slovakia, we recommend the Neusiedlersee Round Trip.

Bank of Lake Neusiedl


If you don't want to do without anything on holiday, you have to travel to France. A country full of diversity awaits you in the west of Europe. Get to know the cultural treasures in the cities, the idyllic countryside outside the metropolises and the delicious "cuisine française" on our cycle tours through France. An absolute must on any trip to France is a glass of wine, as a wide range of varieties are grown and produced locally. The best-known wines, which are also the benchmark for international competitors, are Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne. High-class wines are produced in numerous regions of France and exported worldwide. That is why one can definitely speak of a wine country. We offer you the perfect cycling & wine tours through the wine regions.


On our cycling tours through the wine-growing region of Alsace, you can look forward to mountains full of wine, the mighty river Rhine, perfectly developed cycle paths, picturesque villages and typical local cuisine. At first, you will feel like you have travelled through time in this French region. The colourful half-timbered houses, the floral decorations in the windows, the stork's nests on the roofs and the small old pubs in the villages make you think you are in the Middle Ages. Here the clock runs a little differently. But that's exactly what makes this corner of France so charming. Let yourself fall under its enchanting spell on our cycle tours of the Alsace Wine Route and the Round Trip


Provence - the region of the wonderfully fragrant lavender. But not only the nose, also the eyes and the taste buds are spoiled in Provence. Purple fields, impressive vineyards, salty sea air, blooming gardens, regional specialities and beautiful cycle paths await you. All these arguments clearly speak for a cycling trip to Provence. If you are still not convinced, then at the latest you will be after a good glass of wine. On our cycling and wine tours "Provence and Camargue with Charm", you will get a taste of the regionally produced wine varieties. Taste it for yourself!

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