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It’s a Mediterranean flair that blows around your nose. Kiwis, figs and blossoming almond trees beguile with their intense smell. Cycle on the Emperor’s tracks through the northernmost part of Tuscany, try a glass of the best Riesling and enjoy the beautiful scenery and historic cities…and all in Germany!

Cycle path along the river rhine

Fine wines, romantic scenes and cultural highlights

Visit the Palatinate in a warm spring month and you can see the beauty of the almond blossom, smell the exotic fruit and experience this almost southern atmosphere…you won’t believe you’re in Germany. And yet, you are. Explore the historical imperial cities on your bike, admire the magnificent landscape and experience the Palatinate with all the senses. Perfectly created cycle paths provide optimal cycling pleasure. The Palatinate is especially known for one thing: the wonderful wine and especially for the Riesling. Enjoy a glass or two as you take a break at a charming vineyard and stretch your legs as the sun warms your back.

The most popular cycle tours in the Palatinate

Speyer – Heidelberg – Worms

This tour has something to suit every taste: Medieval towns, romantic landscapes, fairy-tale castles and vineyards as far as the eye can see. Neustadt, Speyer, Heidelberg, Worms, Bad Dürkheim…tour the highlights of the Palatinate on your bike.

  • If you like the idea of a bike ride from Speyer to Worms, you can get more information here.

Palatinate wine centre-based tour

A 4 **** wellness hotel in Bad Dürkheim, perfect travel documents, a comprehensive service, wonderful bike rides and more wine than you can drink promise a successful cycling holiday.

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Speyer - Heidelberg - Worms

7 Days | Self-guided tour
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Pfalz Wine Tour - based in one hotel

7 Days | Self-guided tour

Neckar, Rhine & Vines

Dreamlike cycle paths lined with exotic fruits, happy gurgling rivers looking for their way through the lush green landscape and romantic villages along the German wine route will enchant you. Allow yourself to be taken in by the beautiful Palatinate and enjoy the southern flair and the beautiful cycle paths.

  • Hopefully you feel like taking part in the bike tour Neckar, Rhine & Vines. Here you will find everything worth knowing.

Three Imperial Cathedrals on the Rhine

We’re talking of course about Speyer, Worms and Mainz. But these are not the only highlights on this fantastic bike ride. The venerable university city of Heidelberg, home of the Riesling Nierstein and of course Neustadt an der Weinstraße also await you.

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Neckar, Rhine & Vines

8 Days | Self-guided tour
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Three Imperial Cathedrals on Rhine

9 Days | Self-guided tour
View over the river rhine

Strasbourg – Mainz

295 wonderful kilometres of the famous Rhine cycle path from Strasbourg to Mainz promise enchanting landscapes, sunny days and a lot of culture in cities like Strasbourg, Heidelberg, Worms and Mainz.

  • All information and prices about the Strasbourg – Mainz cycle tour can be found here.
  • Our tour expert Joscha has taken this tour. Read about his experiences in his travel report.
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Germany / France

Strasbourg - Mainz

8 Days | Self-guided tour

Useful information about your cycling holiday in the Palatinate

Cyclist having a break with a glass of wine

The Palatine cuisine

For the traditional Palatine cuisine you have to have a ‘Saumagen’ (pig’s stomach)…Stop! No way! The traditional Palatine cuisine includes Saumagen. No joke! The ‘Saumache’ is a speciality here. This dish is also sums up the Palatine cuisine – hearty and tasty. Sweet pastries, aromatic ‘Bratwurst’, delicious ‘Dampfnudeln’ or the famous ‘Fleischknepp’ (meatballs) will make your mouth water. If you pop into a Palatine wine tavern, you’ll definitely find a ‘Schiefen Sack’ or ‘Pfälzer Teller’. These usually consist of a liver dumpling, a sausage, cabbage, bread and possibly even a slice of seared broccoli. The ‘saumagen’ is filled with pork, bratwurst, onions and potatoes and is considered THE speciality of the Palitinate. The area is also known beyond its borders for its outstanding wine.

Cycle path through the Palatinate woods

The climate in the Palatinate

The climate is influenced mainly by the Atlantic. There is a very mild and humid climate here, which allows for the cultivation of Mediterranean plants. It’s hard to believe, but banana trees, cactus, kiwi, almond and fig trees can all be found in the Palatinate. That’s why it’s known as the German Tuscany. The numerous hours of sunshine in the Palatinate are probably responsible for the excellent wines. Although the winters in this area can be very precipitous, the Palatinate turns out to be an optimal cycling region. From spring to autumn, it usually boasts a friendly, mild climate.

Bike tour along the german wine route

The Palatine Riesling

The Palatinate and the Riesling – a symbiosis that works perfectly and can no longer be imagined any other way. For some time, the Palatinate has been proud to be the largest Riesling growing area in the world. Almost 6000 hectares of Riesling are cultivated in the Palatinate. The grape variety Riesling is characterised by small berries, frost hardiness and a high acid potential. In the Palatinate there is an enlightening saying. It reads: “Riesling ist Riesling ist Unsinn!” The Riesling is versatile like no other grape variety in the world. The secret lies in the acidity that can give the Riesling so many different nuances. A whole new generation of young winegrowers devote themselves to this diverse grape variety and improve more and more its already high reputation. Bravo, is all you can say!

Did you know…

  •  …that the name Palatinate derives from the Palatine, the Roman hill?
  • …that in the US a form of the Palatine dialect is spoken? It’s called Pennsylvania Dutch.
  • …that the Palatine Saumagen was the favourite dish of the former Federal Chancellor Kohl?
  • …that the millionaire entrepreneur Heinz (Ketchup) and the current US President Trump have Palatine roots and are even remotely related. Both families come from Kallstadt in the district of Bad Dürkheim.
  • …that the Palatinate is the largest Riesling growing area in the world.


Perfectly organised cycle tours in the Palatinate

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