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Cultural Highlights and Surprises on your Bike Tour in the Palatinate

Southern Germany, more specifically the Palatinate region, has something to offer for everybody. Those who are looking for some peace and quiet can relax in the nature parks of the Palatinate forest. If you are looking for more of an adventure, then you will enjoy yourself in the Dahner Rockland. Those gourmets among us will no doubt want to spend a bit longer on the German wine road. With a Eurobike bike tour, you can get to know the area through all of your senses. The Mediterranean climate between the Neckar and the Rhine means that there are lots of particular sweet fruits ready for harvest even in the early summer. Exotic fruits such as kiwis and figs are already growing in the Palatinate region even when in other places nature is only just awakening from its winter sleep.

Popular cycle tours in the Palatinate

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Neckar, Rhine & Vines

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Along the German wine route you will cycle past the sweet fruits dangling temptingly from the trees, only a whisker away from tasting them. A truly heavenly landscape awaits you in the area between the Rhine, Neckar and wine route. The active holiday cyclist will get a feel for the areas culinary wealth. The locals are also very special, they long to tell anecdotes about their homeland and recite stories about the famous cathedral in Speyer. A bike trip through paradise! Details of the cycle tour along the Rhein and the Neckar The classic cycle tour sees you travel for eight days to the historic centre of Germany. The people are pleasant and hospitable, and love to make their guests feel welcome. Enjoy a glass of wine and chat about the history of the places along the German wine route. And the best: You just have to reach out your hand along the bike path to taste the fresh kiwis, figs and cherries. A paradise for every cyclist sitting in the saddle! The highlights at a glance Romantic vineyards: There are numerous shaded gardens along the German wine route to rest your tired feet. Whether Riesling, Grüner Veltliner, Chardonnay or Sauvingon blanc – wine connoisseurs will be in paradise! Old imperial city of Worms: As far back as 1200, Worms was already world-renowned for its epic poetry. The famous ‘Nibelungenlied’ is still beloved today. Visit the Nibelungen Museum and immerse yourself in the world of Siegfried, Kriemhild and Co. Useful information about the ‘Neckar, Rhine and Vines’ cycle tour Your eight-day cycle through the southwest of Germany starts in Neustadt an der Winestraße. From then on the path follows the famous wine route. On the Rhine and the Neckar the route is completely flat, and on the wine route the profile is slightly hilly. It’ll be no problem for the experienced holiday cyclist! Every day you will travel between 40 and 60 kilometres on two wheels.
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Romantic Moments in the Palatinate Region – On a Bike Tour

The charming landscape in the Palatinate region is characterised with a mild climate and gives the whole area a Mediterranean flair. This area really does awaken those romantic feelings, especially if you visit during the almond blossom in spring time. How does a little picnic by the side of the Rhine or the Neckar sound? Idleness can lead to relaxation if you pick out the best spots for your breaks. The best is somewhere that is both without that hectic rush and stress-free.   

You can enjoy visiting the Palatinate’s cultural highlights in a relaxed way too. Take your time whilst on your bike tour to visit the various historical centres and buildings such as the imperial cathedral in Speyer, whilst enjoying the beauty of the cultural treasures in the Palatinate region.

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Top-Quality Wine and Delicious Food along the German Wine Road In the Palatinate Region

The Palatinate region is well-known for one fruit – grapes! After all it is Germany’s second largest wine-growing region and there is one ancient winemaker after another. Go explore the wine making area the best way - by bike! You can really enjoy yourself here! Along with the high-quality wine, you can enjoy the hearty Palatinate cuisine - roast potatoes, sausages and a plate of “Handkäs mit Musik” (a plate of cheese with an onion-based dressing).

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