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Travel Story: Cycling holiday in the beautiful Palatinate region

Julia's round trip through rhine region
Two cyclists in front of green grapevines

In autumn 2022, the time has finally come: I get to start my first "Employees on Tour" trip in the Palatinate! I have decided on the Speyer - Heidelberg - Worms cycle tour from Neustadt an der Weinstraße. So my boyfriend Bernhard and I pack our bags at the beginning of October and set off for Neustadt. Autumn is the perfect time to explore the Palatinate wine region, and we are also lucky with the weather. So nothing stands in the way of our adventure. We can't wait to get on our bikes!

Two cyclists in front of green grapevines

Let's get to know the Palatinate!

Our journey by train turns out to be very pleasant. The train station in Neustadt is centrally located and our first hotel is only a few metres away. At the moment, the annual wine harvest festival with many culinary highlights is taking place in Neustadt, which we naturally don't want to miss. In the evening, we stop at the well-attended traditional Gerberhaus. Hospitality is very important in the Palatinate - we are allowed to sit at the table with two local couples. We quickly strike up a conversation and it turns out that one of the two gentlemen is a winegrower. Mr Friedrich invites us to visit him at his winery in Dackenheim. Without further ado, we exchanged contact details and arranged to meet over the next few days - more on that later!

View of an old bridge over the Rhine

Neustadt – Speyer – Heidelberg

We start the first cycling day very early, as today is the longest of the four stages ahead of us. The route leads us almost exclusively on beautiful, well-signposted cycle paths past fields and forests. We keep pedalling until we reach the cathedral city of Speyer. The city is rightly famous for its imposing cathedral. We fortify ourselves with a typical Palatinate lunch at the Domhof home brewery. Then we continue over the Rhine bridge, on well-maintained cycle paths, until we finally reach Heidelberg. After a warm check-in at the Qube Hotel and a short rest, we explore the old town in the evening hours.

Heidelberg – Worms

On the second day of cycling, after a hearty breakfast, we start the new stage well rested. The route to Worms takes us through tranquil villages. Here, too, our route is well signposted and it is easy for us to find the right way.
A short lunch stop in Lampertheim and we are already standing in front of the Nibelungen Bridge. We have reached our destination for the day: Worms, steeped in history. The late summer weather invites us to take a walk through the picturesque old town. We end the evening with a good glass of "Neuem Wein".

Cathedral in Worms

Worms – Bad Dürkheim

Our route now takes us through hillier countryside, past many small winegrowing villages, such as Dackenheim. If you remember: our appointment with Mr Friedrich, the winegrower, is still outstanding. His winery is a little off the route - but the diversions is well worth it. We are allowed to taste some of Mr Friedrich's wines and he tells us interesting things about Palatinate history and wine culture. Back on the route, we cycle past the famous Dürkheimer Fass to Bad Dürkheim. We stroll through the town and enjoy a culinary treat at the Marktschänke.

Bad Dürkheim – Neustadt an der Weinstraße

Before we begin our last stage in the vineyards of the German Wine Route, we stop by the famous Fitz-Ritter sparkling wine cellar. The lovingly designed garden is particularly recommended, where you can enjoy a glass or two of wine. The landscape becomes a little steeper here and wherever you look, you are surrounded by vines. The autumn coloured leaves create a beautiful atmosphere.

In the afternoon, on a recommendation, we dine at the Gutsschänke Spindler in Forst. I take the opportunity to finally try the original Pfälzer Saumagen - apparently the favourite dish of every Palatine. The dish surprises me in a positive way and the last day of cycling couldn't end better. The last metres in altitude done and back in Neustadt, we enjoy the evening at the wine harvest festival and review our wonderful cycling trip in the Palatinate.

Small picturesque alley with cobblestones in Neustadt

Our conclusion

As newcomers to the Palatinate, we were thrilled all around by the beautiful landscape, the hearty cuisine, the Palatinate hospitality and the surprisingly varied wine list. Last but not least, the seamless organisation made our trip unforgettable. The rental bikes rode flawlessly and could be parked safely and worry-free in every hotel. Both the route book and the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-App reliably took us to our destination every day. For us, one thing is certain: a bike tour is the most beautiful way to explore the Palatinate!

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