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Tips for your Arrival


Arrival to our Eurobike cycle holidays is organised independently by yourself. However we are always at your disposal with tips and support. In general, the arrival journey depends on where you live and your holiday destination. It is up to you whether you want to travel by car or public transport such as train, bus or plane. Each of these travel options has its advantages and disadvantages. But no matter which one you choose, a unique cycle holiday awaits you at your destination!

Arrival by Car

Arriving with your own car is possible at any time and without any problems. Put your luggage in the trunk, enter the destination address into the navigation system and start your Eurobike cycle holiday full of anticipation. However if you have not booked a centre-based tour or loop tour, but a distance tour, your trip does not end at the starting point. But that is not a problem, because we at Eurobike are happy to offer you a transfer back to your car.

Arrival by Train

However if you would like to leave your car at home or do not own one at all and cover everyday journeys by bike anyway, you should consider travelling by train. In most cases, it is also possible to travel to the holiday destinations by public transport and it is also a lot more sustainable than by car. If you take your own bike with you, you also need a special ticket, which you have to consider when booking. In order to avoid these costs and also the effort, we are happy to provide you with our rental bikes for the holidays.

Detailed timetable information can be found on the websites of the respective national railways:

Arrival by Plane

For long-distance trips to Mallorca or Madeira, getting there by car or train is difficult. Above the clouds and with a view of the destination from above, you travel to your next Eurobike cycle holiday by plane. You must also note luggage regulations for this type of arrival. Most airlines allow a maximum weight of between 20 and 23 kilos per piece of luggage. The bicycle, on the other hand, falls into bulky luggage category and is also associated with additional costs. But as already mentioned, we offer rental bikes for all our Eurobike original tours.

You will definitely find your next flight on these platforms:

Questions and answers on the Arrival

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This varies from hotel to hotel. Some have an underground car park on site and offer parking spaces there, while others require you to look for an alternative option. Our travel specialists will help you with this at any time and will also refer you to nearby car parks. In Schärding, for example, we offer our guests a parking option directly at our bike station.

The hotel transfer has to be organised independently. The easiest and fastest way to get from the airport or train station is by taxi. Or you can use the local buses.

The return transfer to the starting point will be charged and should be pre-booked at the time of booking. This is a collective transfer, which only departs at certain times. If you bring your own bike, there will be an extra charge.

If you are delayed on arrival due to traffic jams, delays in the timetable or for any other reason, you will miss the info meeting. But don't worry, the travel documents including the service telephone number will be left for you at the hotel. If you have booked rental bikes, these will also be stored at the hotel. Just ask the staff and pick up your documents and bikes.

Even if you arrive independently, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions or are unsure. And no matter which option you choose, we wish you a good, and above all, safe journey. We will see you there and look forward to meeting you soon.

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