Cycle Holidays in Slovakia

With an area of just under 50 000 square kilometres, Slovakia is one of the small nations of Europe and covers an area only slightly larger than Switzerland or the Netherlands. Like the latter, the state has invested heavily in the expansion of the infrastructure in the past and, among other things, created an extensive network of cycle paths in the past ten years. So you can fully concentrate on the beauty of the country and enjoy it from the saddle of your bike! With Eurobike you will discover Slovakia’s natural diversity, cuisine, cultural treasures and hospitality of the locals.

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Bike Tours for every ability level

For the cyclist, Slovakia resembles a low mountain range with a hilly landscape in many areas. Slight ascents and descents are relatively common, but fortunately steep stretches are very rare and the exception. As a result, the country offers a very balanced mixture of stress and relief over longer distances, which does not overwhelm even untrained riders. The foothills of the Carpathians extend into a large part of the East, in the West the largely flat Vienna Basin and the Pannonian Plain spread out. The capital Bratislava is also located here.

Cycle tours in Slovakia

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Cycle Holiday Vienna – Budapest

Get to know the capital of Austria, Slovakia and Hungary on this three-country holiday. Starting in Vienna you cycle via Bratislava to Budapest. Step by step you get closer to a new country. In just a few days you will discover three different landscapes, historical cultural treasures and delicious culinary specialities. In any case, we are curious to see which country or city you will like the most. We definitely cannot make up our minds, as each destination impresses with its beauty. Have fun on this journey of discovery!

Tour character
Slovakia / Hungary / Austria

Vienna - Budapest

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Tour character
Austria / Slovakia / Hungary

Vienna - Budapest sporty

6 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Boats at the bank of Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl Loop Tour

Three countries await you on this cycle holiday around Lake Neusiedl: Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. The route runs consistently on flat terrain and without any major ascents on paved and well-graveled cycle paths. So you can focus completely on the natural scenery and also enjoy it. Highlights are above all the Vienna Ring Road, the gentle vineyards of Lake Neusiedl, the trip to the former Sopron and lively Bratislava. As you can see, one highlight follows the next. So let’s go in the direction of Lake Neusiedl!

Tour character
Slovakia / Austria

Lake Neusiedlersee Tour

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Gravel road on Dunajec bike path

Dunajec Cycle Path

The well-known and popular Dunajec cycle path in Poland also makes a few detours to neighbouring Slovakia. Along the mountain river you will discover beautiful landscapes and charming villages of two countries from a cycling perspective. The focus of this tour is definitely enjoyment and relaxation. That is why the Dunajec cycle path is also assigned the ‘easy’ tour character, which means this tour is really suitable for everyone.

  • Do you want to learn more about the Dunajec cycle route? Then read more on our Tour- Details-Page.


Tour character

Dunajec Cycle Path

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Useful information about your Cycling Holiday in Slovakia

Beautiful landscape in Slovakia

The Climate in Slovakia

On average the temperature drops by around 0.6 degrees at 100 metres above sea level, while the amount of rain increases by around 50 mm. In general however the weather is continental temperate with an average temperature of over 10 degrees in the summer months and a maximum of 30 degrees during the day. Due to the mountains and forests at higher altitudes, strong wind speeds are rare in the lower air layers. For a cycling holiday, this has the pleasant side effect that you only have to conquer the ascent en route without any headwind.
Sour cabbage

The Slovak Cuisine

Due to its geographic location, Slovak cuisine is heavily influenced by surrounding countries such as Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. Traditionally, Slovaks prefer meat, potatoes and vegetables. Above all, the beloved sauerkraut cannot be dispensed with there. The cams (‘Nocken’) are just as popular. Therefore, the two favourite side dishes were simply combined and the delicious sauerkraut dumplings were created. These are served in different variants in the regions of Slovakia. However the national dish is ‘Bryndzové halušky’, in German ‘Brimsennocken’ with feta cheese and bacon. Are these dishes new to you? Then just taste all these delicacies on your next cycle holiday in Slovakia!

Did you know,…

  • … that Slovakia is the geographic centre of Europe?
  • … that the most popular sport in Slovakia is ice hockey?
  • … that Bratislava is the only capital in the world that borders on two different countries?
  • … that the world’s largest wooden altar is in the St. Jacob church in Levoca?
  • … that there are over 6000 caves in Slovakia?
  • … that the ‘International Peace Marathon’ in Slovakia is the oldest marathon in Europe?

Perfectly organized cycle holidays in Slovakia

Anyway, if you are on one of our tours, you do not have to worry about maps, your accommodation or your luggage. We ensure that a pleasant, cosy room is always reserved for you and that your suitcases, panniers or rucksacks are already there when you arrive at your destination. Our hotline and professionally trained staff are available on site for any queries, unforeseen difficulties, suggestions or information. In close consultation with our customers and selected partners, we organise your cycling holiday in such a way that you are protected from any inconvenience and formality. After all, time is not money, but rather a piece of life that you should and can enjoy to the fullest on your holiday with Eurobike.
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