Cycling holidays in Slovakia

With an area of just less than 50,000 km², which is only just larger than Switzerland or the Netherlands, Slovakia is one of the smaller nations within Europe. Just like other countries, Slovakia has recently heavily invested in developing an infrastructure and in the past ten years it has created amongst other features an extensive network of cycle paths. This has benefitted both local mobility and tourism. For cyclists Slovakia appears similar to uplands with a rolling hill scenery. Slight ascents and descents are quite frequent. Steep sections on the route are however very rare and are definitely the exception and not the rule. As a result the country luckily offers a very balanced mix of charge and relief over longer sections, which does not even exhaust untrained cyclists. The foothills of the Carpathian Mountains stretch along the majority of the Eastern part and in the West, the Vienna basin and the Pannonian Plain unfurl. This is also where you find the capital Bratislava.

A diverse tour through varied scenery

Whilst the lowlands of Slovakia are characterised by agriculture, the highlands in the West still partly consist of unspoilt wooded areas. They offer refuge for rare animal species such as wolves, wild cats, brown bears, marmots and chamois. The climate is dependent on the scenery and can sometimes vary between valleys and mountains. On average temperatures decrease at 100 metres in altitude for about 0.6 degrees, whereas the amount of rainfall increases by approx. 50 mm. Generally however the weather is moderately continental with average temperatures of 10 degrees or more and during the summer months up to 30 degrees during the day. Due to the mountains and the wooded areas in higher altitudes strong winds in the lower air layers are rare. For a cycling holiday this is advantagous, since en route there are only ascents to be tackled and no headwind.

A network of paths of over 13,000 kilometres awaits your visit  

In the past fifteen years Slovakia has continually developed its infrastructure and created a network of well-maintained cycle paths during this time, which by now crosses the entire country. This network also includes special mountain bike routes and is signposted in four different colours. Main national and international cycling routes are cleary marked and visible in this system by the colour red, whereas regional routes are marked in blue, green or yellow to show you the way. Developed paths are also marked on cycling maps, which are available on request even in small villages and from tourist offices. Naturally we always provide our clients with up to date maps for each stage and comprehensive information on sights along the route.

We remove obstacles from your path – cycling holidays with Eurobike

When you decide on one of our tours, you do not have to worry about maps, accommodation or your luggage. We ensure there is always a lovely, comfortable room reserved for you and that your suitcases, panniers or rucksacks are ready and waiting for you upon arrival at your accomodation each day. For any queries, unexpected difficulties, suggestions or tips – from punctures to a delayed lunch – our hotline with our professionally trained staff on site is always available for you. In consultation with our clients and selected associates we organise your cycling holiday in a way that you are spared any inconveniences and technicalities. Since after all, time is not money but rather a piece of life which you should and can enjoy to the fullest during your holiday with Eurobike.

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