Cycling Holidays in Norway

Norway has just over five million inhabitants, which are spread over an area that is almost three times the size of Germany. Breathtaking natural scenery, a mainland coastline of more than 25,000 km in length and fjords steeped in legends, stretching over kilometres into steep rock formations. These however are only a few of the special features of the country: the density of the population is the lowest in Europe, even behind Iceland's population density. In Norway you also find the world's longest tunnel, which is the only tunnel running under a glacier in the world. There are also several spectacular chain and bateau bridges. The northern most nation of the European mainland is perfect for cycling tours in the wild and offers countless hightlights to visitors, which makes Norway a unique and distinctive destination. A comparable scenery cannot be found in Europe, perhaps you can find something similar in the expanse of Canada or with limitations also on the other side of the globe – in Tierra del Fuego and the glaciers of Patagonia. 

Northern Lights in mild summer nights

Despite Norway’s location temperatures along the entire coastal region are moderate. The reason for this is the moderate influence of the Gulf Stream and the maritime climate in the coastal regions which the climate depends on. Nevertheless summer is best suited for cycling holidays – unless you are very keen to spend long winter nights near the polar circle and with a bit of luck, observe the amazing Aurora Borealis – the spectacular northern lights! Chances are also good to see them during the months of September and October if you prefer. You can witness this extraordinary spectacle of nature at least once a week on average in this period, whereas outside of this time frame you might have to wait for weeks to see them.

Between Water and Rock – a cycling holiday along the Oslo Fjord

Vast scenery, sparse population and – on request – longer routes turn a cycling holiday in Norway into a very special experience. Despite the rural surroundings and the apparent solitude this country offers cyclists an excellent infrastructure. The well-developed tracks with very little traffic, excellent service and friendly individual care match the conditions we at Eurobike request for our guests. Our route leads you along the Olso Fjord from the Drammen, situated about 100 km inland, via Norway’s oldest town Tønsberg to Sandefjord. There you cross the fjord and embark on a short detour to Sweden, where amongst other things fresh seafood and several beaches await. Afterwards you proceed on the opposite side of this waterway, with a width of several kilometres, in three stages to Oslo, Norway's capital city.

Best Service and individual support come as standard with Eurobike

We are more than happy to give you detailed advise and without obligation about our offers. We will help you with your decision so that you find a cycling holiday perfectly tailoured to your requirements and interests.. During the holiday we take over all logistics from luggage transfers and hotel bookings, ferry crossings or transfers to tour documents including maps and detailed information. With Eurobike you get to completely focus on your needs. In order to offer you authentic proximity and friendly service we rely on long-standing tried and tested associates, offering quality service. We carefully select our accommodations and deliberately avoid large concrete tourist hotels. Instead, we prefer family-run businesses or medium-sized houses, which match the interests and the preferences of an active holidaymaker. Due to our long-standing experience, our cooperation with local associates and agencies and the continuous feedback from our clients we provide the most beautiful places locally and conditions on site.  We utilise all these skills to develop bespoke routes along which you get to experience each country from many different angles.

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