Relaxed on the move: E-bike tours with Eurobike

With power and drive into the cycling holiday

If you go by e-bike you not only ride with electricity but also more and more with the current trend. The fanbase of the electrically supported bicycle has grown from one cycling season to the next. Eurobike too backs the most modern type of cycling. This is no surprise as riding ecofriendly electric bikes entails numerous advantages.

Motor-operated and yet actively on the move

By riding an e-bike, you can enjoy the rush of air on your face without having to pedal too hard. This means you reach your accomodation safely and comfortably. Ascents and strong headwinds can also be tackled effortlessly by e-bike.

Despite being packed with the most modern and technical equipment, e-bikes are very easy to operate. You decide whether you want to use the electro-engine as a gentle support during a comfortable bike ride or to go at full throttle. Cycling support with the so-called Pedelecs only works when actually pedalling.

Eurobike’s Unisex-E-Bikes are top of the range:

  • Dimensions: 28-inch bicycle with a total weight of approx. 23 kg
  • 8-gear hub
  • Electric motor: Due to the position of the mid-engine at the bottom bracket the centre of gravitiy is lower and the weight is well-distributed.
  • Battery: the rechargeable battery can be easily unclipped from the frame and has a range of 120 to 180 kilometres. 
  • Modern electronics: the bike-computer is equipped with a premium LED display to tell you how much charge you have remaining. You have a choice of three cruising speeds at the touch of a button.
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Tuscany - based in one hotel

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Do you want to see classic Italy – this tour of Tuscany could not be better! The cycle tour with Eurobike offers so many highlights for fans of ‘la Dolce Vita’. Be it the picturesque landscape of the ancient culture of central Italy. This cycle tour really leaves no part of Tuscany unturned. Of course, a trip to Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is also part of the programme. In the evenings you can relax with a glass of Vino on the terrace of your feel-good hotel, feel true holiday happiness! Details about the cycle tour in Tuscany A bike tour in the heart of Italy is perfect from spring onwards. Tuscany, with its mild temperatures is perfect for a holiday away from the crowds of tourists. Even more so when you are travelling by bike! Take this chance for a summer cycling break until October. In total you will cover around 240 kilometres, all in the beautiful landscape of Italy’s picture perfect region. Highights of the cycle tour in Tuscany Gems of Italian cities: Florence, Lucca, San Gimignano or Vinci – names that are music to the ears. Use your time in these historic cities for strolling, shopping or culture spotting. 4-star Grand Hotel Croce di Malta: In Montecatini your holiday accommodation is just a few steps away from the spa and village centre. The dreamlike pool is just perfect for a cooling dip after a long bike ride. Welcome shortcuts by train and bus: Trips to further away cities such as Florence, Lucca and Monte Pisani are easily shortened by bus and train. Of course the Eurobike team also organises this for you! Useful information about the cycle tour in Tuscany For casual cyclists who like to cycle in their spare time, the Tuscany tour is perfect! Everyday you spend between 40 and 55 kilometres cycling on secondary roads and country lanes. Some basic fitness is needed, because although the landscape is stunning, it is also hilly. Longer distances, such as the return trip from Lucca or Vinci, are made by bus and train. Thanks to Eurobike’s extensive travel material, you’ll know what to expect every day before you leave. Get all information and many more tour tips for our cycle tours in Tuscany.
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Madeira circular tour

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Cycling in Madeira, does that work? Of course you have concerns about this too, seeing that the island is of course a well-known walking paradise! We can however assure you that it works very well! On wonderful panoramic roads, you will cycle around pretty much all of the island. In the places where it is too mountainous, our transfers will help you out. You can enjoy a summer-like climate here all year around as well as the exotic flora and fauna. On your way, you will find wonderful parks and gardens, still bays and spectacular cliffs. But you don’t miss out on culture on this tour either! This Portuguese island was already settled in the 15th Century in the centre of the Atlantic and left behind magnificent quintas and monumental fortresses. Spend a wonderful week on this flowery island! World Cultural Heritage site landscape, old sailor culture and above all the hospitable Madeirans will delight you!        

Cycling tour highlights for E-bikers

Regardless of vast plains or steep hillsides: generally speaking e-bikes are suitable for any landscape and territory. What changes is the mere power consumption of the bike. Eurobike offers cycling tours especially tailored to e-bikes. The regions of Northern Italy are particularly perfect to be explored by e-bike. The hilly scenery of Tuscany can be tackled comfortably, for instance during the 'Tuscany Round Trip’ or the 'Tuscany Bike Rally’. Cultural cities such as Florence, Rome and Venice can also be cycled to 'electronically’ on request.

If you prefer to experience Spanish culture after each cycling tour we offer blissful cycling holidays in Spain. How about riding your e-bike in Madeira or in Andalusia? Check it out yourself: with an e-bike there are no (cycling-) limits.

Are you already an enthusiastic e-biker or would you like to test the new cycling-feeling on your next cycling tour? The Eurobike team is happy to advise you with your holiday planning!

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Florence - Rome

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Do you already know the story of Francis of Assisi? Or do you know about the Ponte Vecchio in Florence? No? You will definitely find out on this Eurobike cycle tour from Florence to Rome in beautiful Italy! Ciao e Benvenuto in the heart of the boot! Cycle past historical scenes and through small medieval villages. The cycle route takes you to beautiful Rome, where the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum await you. Treat yourself to a gelato or a creamy cappuccino in Piazza Navona and watch the hustle and bustle of the big city! Details of the cycle tour from Florence to Rome It starts with a train ride from Florence to Arezzo. The Gold City is home to magnificent churches and palaces. Definitely plan a trip. Then, the tour continues on the broad plain of Val di Chiana through the hills and mountain silhouettes of southern Tuscany. On day three and four you travel about 65 kilometres to Assisi. The birthplace of Saint Francis has many secrets. Visit the churches of the picturesque town and enjoy the view. In the next few days, you continue pedalling until you finally arrive in Rome. In the capital of Italy you can put down the bike, stroll through the pretty streets and wander past the famous sights. You couldn’t find a better tour end! Highlights of the cycle tour at a glance The birthplace of the Renaissance – Florence: The city is not only home to important art, but also to delicious wine and romantic streets. Florence and the famous Ponte Vecchio is an absolute MUST on the cycle tour. The cypress-framed city shines in a golden light, making a perfect photo opportunity. The Eternal City of Rome: Plan an evening walk on one of Rome’s famous seven hills, The Palatine is often referred to as the birthplace of ancient Rome and offers a breathtaking view of the city at dusk. Useful information about the cycle tour in Tuscany Eight days, eight times the pure Italian feeling! Cycle through the most beautiful spots in Tuscany until you arrive in Rome, the capital of Italy. Strong legs are needed for the hilly landscape. Ambitious pedalling is on the programme. Get all information and many more tour tips for our cycle tours in Tuscany and our cycle tours in Umbria.
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9 Days | Self-guided tour
Bullfights, tapas, fiestas, and flamenco are waiting for you in unique Andalusia. The southernmost region of Spain is a paradise full of surprises. Hardly any other landscape evokes such fascinating pictures as Andalusia: a Flamenco dancer in a flowing red dress, white villages on hills, Moorish palaces, and gloriously dressed bullfighters in crowded arenas. Experience an incomparable conglomeration of European and Arabic culture, scenic beauty harmonized perfectly with masterful architecture: Today’s Andalusia combines modernity with a rich tradition. We will guide you on well-developed routes and small roads without much traffic through lush overgrown hills, green river valleys and the wild landscape of the Sierras. You will visit Seville and Cordoba, the metropolises of the spiritual life in Moorish Andalusia. In the narrow streets, in the markets, in the buildings of the Alhambra, the Real Alcazar, and the Mezquita you will travel through time and dream about days gone by, in which Andalusian scholars brought light to the darkness of the European Middle Ages. So ... come, eat and drink: cervezas, tapas, wine, and jamon iberico. Andalusia is awaiting you!
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