Cycling holiday in southern Germany


There is a reason why the charming south of Germany attracts more and more cycling fans from all over the world. Beautiful lakes, majestic mountains and dreamy landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for a cycling holiday in the south of Germany and enjoyable hours in the saddle

The most beautiful cycling regions in southern Germany

Cyclists having a break at the bank of Lake Ammersee

By bike heading south, in the direction of the sun

Southern Germany is a patch of earth where the Lord made a great deal of effort. Glittering lakes, breath-taking cities and lined with impressive mountain scenery. There are so many beautiful corners in sunny southern Germany to travel on the bike. Would you like to visit the beautiful mountain world of Bavaria, pass the Starnberger See and eat Weißwurst in Munich? Or discover the Chiemgau with Bavaria’s largest lake, which is a playground for die-hard cyclists. Or would you rather flirt with the enchanting Palatinate and wine regions, which could have sprung straight from the pages of a picture book? Of course, Lake Constance in the border triangle has a very special charm.The offer sounds seductive – you can hardly decide. But you do not have to. No one said you can only take one cycling trip per year in southern Germany…

View over the Tegernsee


The whole world knows and loves Bavaria for its beautiful mountains, the traditional dress, hearty regional cuisine and of course the Oktoberfest. But Bavaria is also the perfect location for some of our most popular cycling tours. It has idyllic lakes, towering mountains, historic towns and perfectly maintained cycle paths. Every year, the enchanting Lake District of Munich with its fabulous bike trails inspires a large number of satisfied Eurobike customers. And the cycle tour along the Romantic Road and Bavarian lakes regularly triggers enthusiastic calls from our guests. Well then…off to Bavaria!

Cycle path through the Palatinate woods


The fairy tale Palatinate won’t only delight wine lovers. Cycle through romantic vineyards, delightful valleys, pretty little towns and don’t miss a wine tasting. The second largest wine growing region in Germany impresses guests with charm and hospitality. The Palatinate Wine Centre-based Tour in Bad Dürkheim is particularly popular. But the tour Speyer – Heidelberg – Worms has that certain something that attracts a variety of enthusiastic cyclists every year. Be inspired by the beautiful Palatinate!

Sunset at Lake Constance

Lake Constance

Germany’s largest lake in the border triangle has always been a magnet for holidaymakers from all over the world. And it’s also very popular with cyclists.

The beautifully landscaped paths, the enchanting scenery and the comfortable hotels in this region make a cycling holiday the highlight of the year. Take your bike on the Lake Constance cycle tour between Germany, Austria and Switzerland and enjoy a varied ride. Or perhaps a distance tour? How about cycling from Munich to Lake Constance? An experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

Main Cycle Path

Dense forests, lush green meadows and the impressive blue of the river are your constant companions on the Main Cycle Path. Visit charming towns, taste a glass of fruity Franken wine and enjoy time to yourself on your bike. How about the shorter version of the Main Cycle Path from Bamberg to Aschaffenburg?

Did you know…

  • …that Bavaria is not only the largest, but also the oldest Federal State in Germany?
  • …that the Palatinate is also known as the German Tuscany due to the southern flora?
  • …that Lake Constance actually consists of two lakes with one connection?
  • ...that Lake Cheimsee is the largest lake in Bavaria, but Lake Starnberg has more water?


Cyclist on Isar cycle path

Perfectly organised cycle tours in southern Germany

If you want to be on the safe side and take no chances, if you put a lot of emphasis on discerning accommodation, if you think the safety of a 7-day service hotline is essential, and if you want your luggage to be in the right place at the right time – then you should only put one company in charge of planning your cycle tour – Eurobike!

Eurobike – cycling in southern Germany is fun!

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